Zoë Kravitz reveals the first movie she saw with Channing Tatum, and it’s a classic | Jobi Cool

It’s been over a year since Zoë Kravitz was spotted riding through New York City on the back of Channing Tatum’s BMX bike, sparking romance rumors. Nowadays, this couple is still going strong following Tatum’s ongoing divorce from Jenna Dewan And Kravitz’s split with her own husband. While sparks continue to fly between the pair of actors, Kravitz shared that the pair really bond through their shared love for movies.

Zoe Kravitz is set to direct her first film. Pusey Island, which stars Channing Tatum. Her boyfriend is a director himself, recently helming the dogBut as Tatum shared, he is In complete “surprise” of Kravitz’s talent in the role. The two are major cinephiles, and Kravitz recently had this to say about their relationship:

He is just a wonderful human being. He makes me laugh and we both love art and get to talk about art and explore why we do what we do. We like to watch film and break it down and talk about it and challenge each other.

During Kravitz’s interview GQ, the actress pulled back the curtain a bit about her bond with Channing Tatum. Their first film together? This was in 1993 True romanceWhich of course was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by the late Tony Scott.

Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in True Romance

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The R-rated crime romance is a great choice for the couple. The ’90s classic follows a pop culture geek (Christian Slater) who marries a call girl (Patricia Arquette), steals cocaine from her pimp and tries to sell it elsewhere. However, with the cocaine mob in possession, the couple begins to chase with some serious threats.

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