Why the horror genre is about to overtake the MCU and superhero movies | Jobi Cool

For more than a decade, superhero movies have enjoyed undisputed dominance in blockbuster money and in general. Many have speculated as to how or if the genre will indeed begin to lose its steam or at least become a bit more of a challenger to the financial throne. Surprisingly, a film genre that predates capes and tights movies is seeing a renaissance in 2022.

Horror movies have been around as long as the medium, with the genre offering all sorts of possibilities for narrative variety. This gives it a definite edge over superhero films, which are still too often confined to similar strata. Here’s how Horror Incredibles 2022 could make it into the genre to take down superhero movies.

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2022 has given many successful horror movies to the audience

The 2022 box office debut of Horror Raj started with the release of the film in March. X. Praised for its spiritual callbacks to classic ’70s slasher flicks, it was followed by a prequel. the pearl, was released later that year, with a third film on the way. Both of these films were produced on $1 million budgets while securing ten times or more in revenue. Other unexpected success stories include black phoneAn adaptation of a Joe Hill short story, as well as a big-budget sci-fi horror flick no. Since then, the number of successful horror flicks, be it financially, critically or both, has only increased.

While receiving mixed reviews, Halloween is over Peacock has certainly made a lot of money during its theatrical run, becoming a boon for the streaming service. barbarian and a smile Both were sleeper hits, coming out of nowhere to slash away at the tournament. finally, Scary 2 Completely blew its predecessor out of the water, all the while scoring a tidy profit. Animal features like animal And arguably also action-packed Jurassic World Dominion Also fits into the horror category.

While some of these were released near Halloween, many were spread throughout the year, with black phone and no Both are summer releases. Therefore, the horror season is not as limited to horror as many would expect, and there are many subjects that can be used in the genre. From vampires and ghosts to slashers, hunters, animals and aliens, horror movies touch on all kinds of themes and sub-genres. It’s one of the many strengths in the increasingly saturated superhero movie genre.

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Horror films offer more freedom and less financial risk than superhero films

For better or worse, many superhero films fit into a certain niche and set of tropes. This is especially the case for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has been somewhat criticized for sticking so rigidly to its formula. This is despite the endless potential for the many superhero characters used, who could easily slot into different narrative sub-genres. The use of genre is something that always comes with successful horror movies, and this thematic variety gives horror an immediate edge over its superhero counterpart.

Likewise, there’s the simple fact that most horror films are incredibly cheap to make. mentioned above the pearl and XAlso Scary 2Both had marginal budgets black phone and also Halloween is over Almost every 2022 superhero movie has been made for nickels and dimes. The only real horror movie with a budget rivaling superhero flicks no, and it was definitely an outlier for both the genre and the director. Considering that live-action superhero movies require so much money to make the various heroes’ powers and abilities look good on screen, it’s a pretty safe financial bet to have a guy running around the woods mowing down innocent teenagers.

Even if superhero movies aren’t terribly beaten, the latter can certainly put up a good fight. If nothing else, it offers a great source of options, especially for older audiences looking for something beyond a blockbuster for the whole family. Many have wondered how long the superhero bubble can be sustained, but horror has been around for a long time and has been released more consistently. While superhero films are defined by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the growing DC Universe, horror is not dominated by franchises. This alone shows that this product has the appeal and ability to give the costumed crowd a run for their money, offering more diverse experiences for a fraction of the price.

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