White Audiences Slam Netflix: The Most Hateful Movie Ever Made | Jobi Cool

Andrew Dominick’s “Blonde,” starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, topped Netflix’s movie charts the first day it was available to stream, but the NC-17 drama has outraged many subscribers. The film may have been the buzz of the Venice Film Festival with a 14-minute standing ovation, but critics and audiences are calling it “sexual,” “cruel” and “one of the most disgusting movies ever made.”

“Considering all the indignities and horrors Marilyn Monroe endured during her 36 years, it’s a relief that she didn’t have to deal with the vulgarity of the latest necrophiliac entertainment ‘Blonde’ to exploit her,” wrote The New York Times. Film critic Manohala Dargis, who panned the film in her review.

“Blonde” is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name and recreates many of the heartbreaks and tragedies of Monroe’s life and career, from her abusive mother in Hollywood to various sexual assaults. While Ana de Armas’ performance received universal acclaim, the film itself ignited outrage for Monroe’s constant harassment, exploitation and trauma.

“I had the extreme misfortune of watching ‘Blonde’ on Netflix last night and I have to say that this movie is so anti-abortion, so sexist, so exploitative,” added Steph Herrold, an abortion researcher at the University of California, San Francisco. . “Couldn’t recommend it less. Don’t watch. The abortion scenes in particular are horrifying, but so is the whole movie.

Harold added, “It depicts Marilyn being forced into her first abortion, screaming at the table as she changes her mind, and then she finds the baby crying in her childhood home, which has gone up in flames.”

Film critic Justin Chang for the Los Angeles Times wrote in his review, “The movie isn’t really about Marilyn Monroe. It’s about her suffering.”

“When a movie is truly shattering or devastating, there’s a residual sense of gratitude for what you’ve been through: a need to shake,” noted Adam Neiman, film essayist and reviewer of The Ringer. “‘Golo’ is the kind of movie that brutalizes you for three hours, takes a breath and says, ‘You’re welcome.’ Well, thanks for nothing.”

a spectator claimed on Twitter The film “exists to put Norma/Marilyn in a box that allows her to abuse, sexualize or call people daddy,” he added, adding, “Maybe we should stop trying to make groundbreaking films about women with abusive men. Nothing about it.”

“Blonde” is streaming on Netflix now.

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