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People or no people, the world will go on

In “Pondering a world with out individuals” (Concepts, January 8), during which he interviews Adam Kirsch, writer of “The Revolt In opposition to Humanity,” Evan Seliger explains two distinct ideas that underlie debates in regards to the setting and expertise , a few world with individuals and a world with out individuals. He states that these two traces result in the same concept: “that the world needn’t have individuals for much longer, and could also be higher off consequently”. This assertion entails a price judgment that the world may be higher or, conversely, worse. Higher or worse for whom?

A extra appropriate distinction is that the 2 paths will merely be totally different, neither of which could have inherent goodness. Pondering that one end result is likely to be higher than one other appeals to a human-derived worth system and elevates humanity’s position within the universe. This conceitedness contributes to most of the issues going through humanity as we speak. If by way of them we handle to discover a method to the long run the place individuals will survive, will probably be good for us. If we do not, will probably be unhealthy for us. Both manner, the world will go on fairly properly.

Ronald Hamlin


How about higher residing with out expertise – say by way of greater consciousness?

I learn with nice curiosity Evan Selinger’s interview with Adam Kirsch during which they mentioned the devastating injury completed to the pure world by the human species. I discover the title considerably deceptive, as human extinction, whether or not inevitable or not, is just one of a number of themes provocatively entertained on this work. “Transhumanism” is being talked about as one other risk, and that is what I rapidly turned my consideration to. Nevertheless, I discovered his introduction of extra superior expertise as the important thing to redemption to be anticlimactic in comparison with the previous and enduring view of a better stage of human consciousness rising right here on Earth. Such the next stage, demonstrated by uncommon people all through the ages, is now clearly needed – and I pray that increasingly more of us can obtain it.

John Hagan


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