Victor One Piece Badminton Capsule Collection | Jobi Cool

Taiwan’s VICTOR has just released a complete badminton set A PIECE manga franchise. Creating each piece with a Straw Hat Crew theme, the 21-piece collection sees everything from racquets, shoes and bags.

For rackets, Zoro’s Three Sword Style was created with the Enma, Wado Ichimonji and Kitetsu III badminton rackets. These three rackets suit different playing styles and have characteristics such as speed, power or all-round balance.

Luffy and Sanji work in badminton shoes as both VICTOR A670 have red and yellow colors (back scar and straw hat pattern) for Luffy and orange and black colors for Sanji. Sanji’s color is finished with a tobacco image on the tongues and Sanji’s heart eyes on the woven tags.

Other products include bucket hats, t-shirts, sports socks, backpacks, sandals, sports towels, wristbands and more. Head over to VICTOR to view the full collection.

In other sports news, Naomi Osaka enlists sister Marie Osaka to design the new Yonex EZONE 98 tennis racket.

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