United international action is needed to tackle the misuse of technology in terrorism: UN chief Gueterres | Jobi Cool

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Saturday for a concerted global effort to tackle the challenge of the use of new technologies by various terrorist groups to radicalize people and fuel discord in societies.

In a message to a meeting of the United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee in Delhi, he expressed concern over the misuse of new technologies by various terrorist groups to spread disinformation, fuel discord and radicalize the youth.

The meeting against terrorism in Delhi is attended by representatives of all 15 member states of the United Nations Security Council.

The message from Guterres was read out by an official of the international organization.

“New and emerging technologies have unparalleled potential to improve human conditions everywhere, unfortunately they have also been misused by many, including malicious actors,” said the UN Secretary-General.

“Terrorists and others who promote hateful ideologies are exploiting new and emerging technologies to spread disinformation, foment discord, human and radicalization, mobilize resources and carry out attacks,” he said.

Guterres said the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted many vulnerabilities to such abuse.

“We must adopt concrete measures to reduce these vulnerabilities while committing to protecting all human rights in the digital realm,” he said.

“This can only be achieved through effective multilateralism and international cooperation that anchors our response in the values ​​and commitments of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” he added.

Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said new and emerging technologies have helped spur economic growth, but they have also thrown up challenges that need the attention of the international community.

Kamboj moderates the meeting.

She said that the use of new technologies to carry out terrorist activities is increasing.

“The use of new and emerging technologies for terrorist purposes is increasing, diversifying and evolving as a variety of technologies become cheaper and more accessible,” she said.

In addition to representatives of member states of the UN Security Council, the meeting is attended by international experts and leading organizations with the aim of discussing threats arising from the use of technology for terrorist purposes.

The first day’s meeting took place in Mumbai on Friday. It is the first time that the UN Security Council is holding a meeting, in any format, in India.

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