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The ‘adventure film’ is a genre that has not been explored much in Indian films. Adventure movies have been made, but they are being copied from Hollywood.

These imitations are made unwatchable by cheap stunts, obscene hip-gyrations and sub-mediocre comedy.

On the other hand, the West has used this genre in the visual medium to create a sense of Western cultural superiority and a proud sense of its history.

The Indiana Jones The series is an example for previous times national wealth Also the Dan Brown novel-based movies are examples of the latter. What’s more, most of them are well made and good entertainment.

Ram Sethu This is certainly a good answer from Hindi cinema to fill this void. It is a well made adventure movie. It has a strong Indian setting and a strong Indian theme. Its technical quality is excellent.

Being an adventure story ‘inspired by true events’ it takes a lot of artistic license which is understandable. If you have kids you should take them to this movie and watch the movie with them.

The film making team must be congratulated for not falling into any romantic subplot. There is a large cast of female actors but they are not commodified or made into sexual objects in a single scene.

No singing around trees, caves and archaeological sites. There is no suppression of so-called comedy. The film focuses on one theme and does justice to it.

The film begins with the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha by the Taliban and the subsequent attempt to restore it. It then emphasizes the pre-Islamic era cultural bonds between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Atheist archaeologist Dr Aryan Kulshrestha, who is more in the press for his controversial atheist statements than for his meritorious contribution to the field of archaeology, has been mocked by those in power for issuing a statement about Ram Setu’s non-historicity.

Questions have also been raised in the statement Ramayana And an embarrassed government suspends a recently promoted archaeologist.

A private company has invested heavily in demolishing Ram Setu. They have appointed Dr Aryan to ‘scientifically establish’ that Ram Setu is a natural creation.

But the truth upsets Dr. Aryan and gradually histrionics Ramayana, India and beyond – especially Sri Lanka – discourages Dr Aryan.

There are quests, quests. Viewers are drawn through the picturesque landscape of Sri Lanka East 2009. Incidentally ‘Rebel’ is shown in a somewhat positive light.

There is a scene of a demonstration by Sri Lankan rebels Aarti For Shiva-Parvati Ravana-anugrah idol and Shiva Tandava Stotra are singing Sacred landscapes and temples associated with Ramayana Shown in Sri Lanka.

This is perhaps the first Hindi film to tell a mass audience about the destruction of the very famous and precious Jaffna Library and indicate what important historical documents we will lose in that cultural carnage.

Most of the reviews of this film did not make the film very good. For example, reviewers of India Today gave it 2 out of 5 stars and wrote that it was ‘too weak’ and ‘neither funny nor serious.’

Bollywood standard comedy is appealing to the gross taste of the audience. This movie definitely doesn’t work.

The movie is very loud with its message and that message is uncomfortably Hindu.

It points out that Ram Setu National Monument is not only a national monument but also an assurance to women everywhere that Ram will come and build a bridge to cross the most turbulent and violent waves to free women from oppression and oppression whenever they are oppressed or imprisoned.

The final twist may well be expected by most viewers but from the point of view of children watching the movies, the twist will be quite exciting. The film also takes a Euro-centric approach to history and its dangers of influencing mental colonization.

As an adventure story, it certainly tells a much better story than that Indiana Jones – Both in value and history. It does not insult any other race or culture. The history shown in the movie is fictional but still better than the history shown in the movie national treasure.

It is quite comparable The Da Vinci Code. And there it can compete well in terms of quality.

Of course, the same level of suspense might be missing but then again remember this can be considered as the first seriously good adventure movie made for the younger generation – kids and early teens.

You can’t expect one Kantara experience here. But consider it a movie made for children and early teens. It is a great entertaining way to introduce the next generation to Indian culture, values ​​and the sacred landscape of the vast Indian land. So this is a movie worth watching with your family.

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