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Netflix has begun to rival Hallmark for sheer production rate of Christmas movies over the past few years. Through multiple franchises, one-offs, and a number of A-list actors, the platform has built a name for itself with a huge list of holiday-themed movies released throughout November and December.

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Many Netflix Christmas movies have been hailed by fans as modern holiday classics. However, there are plenty of other great Netflix Christmas movies that remain largely unknown or have gotten lost in the shuffle of the streaming service’s many yuletide releases.

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7/7 Jingle Jungle: A Christmas Journey

Poster for Jingle Jungle: A Christmas Journey

Jungle Jungle came out in 2020 and featured a musical Christmas extravaganza about a young girl who visits her grandfather, a disillusioned toymaker played by Forest Whitaker. After his toy designs are stolen by a selfish assistant, he begins to fall apart and his granddaughter manages to bring his ideas and stores back to life with childhood wonder, Christmas joy, and some surprisingly great songs.

Jungle Jungle It’s a wonderful movie that went under the radar. From the toy mogul turned villainous assistant played to perfection by Keegan Michael-Key to the beautiful chemistry between the young leads Madelaine Mills and Whittaker, the film was very well reviewed by critics but failed to make a big splash for Netflix.

6/7 Klaus

A poster for Klaus

Klaus One of Netflix’s best Christmas movies, not to mention one of the best animated flicks on the platform. Telling the story of a spoiled rich young man forced to become a postal worker on a deadly island rife with hatred between two warring clans, the movie tells one of the strangest Christmas and Santa Claus origin stories ever seen on screen.

Klaus is a beautifully animated film that wows audiences and critics alike with plenty of comedy and poignant emotional scenes. It quickly became a festival favorite for many but upon its release in 2019 it did not receive the level of marketing that a film of this caliber deserved.

5/7 take leave

Poster for the holidays

Netflix intends to make a variety of romantic-comedy movies around Christmas. take leave is one of their more unique and successful efforts. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey star as a mismatched couple who agree to accompany each other to various holiday-themed parties throughout the year but harbor feelings for each other.

From the chemistry between the two to the great side characters like Kristin Chenoweth and Manish Dayal, this rom-com brings a bit of fun to the Christmas proceedings but was sidelined among many other romantic releases for Netflix during the Christmas period.

4/7 let it snow

An image from Let It Snow

Netflix has been known for making a lot of teen rom-com movies in recent years, but the platform has rarely tried to mix it up with Christmas. It was their most brazen attempt let it snowWhich brought together a series of young adult talents to try and tell an interwoven web of similar stories Love indeed.

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A snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve and affects the lives and relationships of many high school students. Among their number are Kernan Shipka, Jacob Batalon, Isabella Merced, and Odeya Rush, a crop of young talent who manage to light up the screen in a fun set of stories that come together far better than this film is given credit for.

3/7 Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens in Princess Switch

One of Netflix’s first attempts to kick-start its own Christmas movie franchise (which worked), Princess Switch Vanessa Hudgens stars as both Stacey De Novo and Lady Margaret. While it takes The Prince and the Pauper It was a fun affair, leaving many Netflix viewers smiling because of its Christmas setting and extremely funny characters.

The movie elevated Vanessa Hudgens to her position as Netflix’s new Queen of Christmas, and she has starred in three other Christmas movies for the streaming platform. Whether viewers are fans of baking contests, romantic entanglements, or just Vanessa Hudgens, this movie has all three.

2/7 A California Christmas

An image from California Christmas

Another romantic-comedy adventure for Netflix, A California Christmas The movie was largely forgotten in the rush of the holiday release in 2020. The movie, about a rich man who poses as a farm hand in an attempt to force some farmers to sell their land before Christmas, stars real-life husband-and-wife duo Lauren. and Josh Swickard as the entangled couple.

A California Christmas Christmas might not be the most obvious setting for a movie. However, it does have fun and uses common holiday themes like redemption and romance to bring great lead chemistry together and tell a fun story worth watching.

1/7 The Night Before Christmas

Poster for The Night Before Christmas

Another Vanessa Hudgens vehicle, this proved to be one of the weirdest Netflix Christmas movies ever. A medieval English knight is brought forward in time to the modern era and meets a high school teacher who has lost all faith in love. The movie is quirky, but doesn’t take itself too seriously and manages to have a lot of fun with the concept.

Vanessa Hudgens is fun and manages to help the movie overcome all kinds of sins. The romantic chemistry between the leads doesn’t hurt as a feel-good movie to strike home.

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