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Mangaluru: Bearys Academy of Learning on Saturday organized 10i.e and the third graduation day celebration at Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) Bearys Enviro-Architecture Design School (BEADS) respectively at Bearys Arena here at Bearys Knowledge Campus.

Venkataramanan Venugopal, Head & Engineering Manager – Digital, Schneider Electric, Bengaluru delivered the inaugural address while Dr. GC Mohan Kumar, Director NITK delivered the graduation day address.

Architect Manoj Ladhad, Co-Founder and Principal Architect, Architecture Paradigm Bengaluru was also present as the guest of honor at the event chaired by Bearys Academy of Learning Chairman Syed Mohamed Beary.

Dakshina Kannada District Health Officer Dr. Kishore Kumar also launched the logo of Bearys Institute of Health Sciences.

In his inaugural address, Venkataramanan Venugopal said that things have changed dramatically in the last century and that the advancement of technology has taken over the world. While adding that technology is transforming the world even more every day, he urged the students to take advantage of all the opportunities available and make the most of them to contribute to the world.

He said that the challenges that the current generation will have to face, he emphasized that climate change is one of the main challenges that the current and future generations will have to face. He added that sustainability will be extremely important in the coming years.

After launching the logo of the Bearys Institute of Health Sciences DHO, Dr. Kishore Kumar students to be responsible in everything they do and congratulated Bearys Academy of Learning for stepping into the health science sector.

Dr. GC Mohan told the students that honesty, commitment and common sense would play a key role in their careers as they enter the professional world where they will lack the protection of their parents and teachers and have to face the world alone. He said that people who work with honesty, commitment and common sense will eventually and later find success and peace of mind.

He encouraged the students to try for further studies and told them that learning never ends for an individual and that they should continue to acquire new skills even if they do not pursue further studies.

He pointed out that mobile phones have connected people with peers and people around the world, adding that it has disconnected people from their parents, families and friends. He advised the students to show compassion to their parents and spend time with them every day.

Our vision is to establish ‘The Bearys Global University of Societal Happiness’: Syed Beary

Syed Mohamed Beary also asked the student in his presidential address to spend time with his parents. He then advised the new graduates to be fair, reliable, compassionate and passionate in their personal and professional lives.

Syed Beary further addressed the students and also asked the students not to live a life which is only about their personal welfare and money but asked them to contribute to the society. He further asked them to keep their hearts pure and their intentions clear.

He also reported on the Bearys Institute of Health Sciences. He also said he envisions seeing Bearys Academy of Learning transform into an international university to be known as Bearys Global University of Societal Happiness.

Syed Beary is a Pioneer of Sustainability: Venkataramanan Venugopal

“Our engineers of tomorrow need to be ready to deal with climate change and they need to come up with a plan and blueprint to achieve sustainable development and construction.” Students of BIT, BEADS are lucky to have Syed Beary as their chairman. There is no better role model than him when it comes to sustainable growth and development. He is an entrepreneur of sustainability.

Dr. Manjur Basha, Principal BIT welcomed the guests and audience while Ar. Ashok Mendonca delivered vote of thanks.

The best outgoing students from all departments were also awarded at the event. From B. Architecture, Amal Faizal won the award for the best expatriate student.

From BIT Civil Engineering, Ahmed Shakeeb won the prize while Mohammad Marzooq won the prize in CS Engineering. In Electronics and Communication Engineering, Annumol Joseph was awarded the best outgoing student, while in Mechanical Engineering, Mohiddin was awarded the prize.

Similarly from BIT Polytechnic Civil branch, Aijaz Ali received the award while Mohammad Fahad and Mohammad Mustafa collected it from Mechanical and Civil Engineering department.

Dr. Aziz Mustafa, Principal, Bearys Institute of Emerging Sciences, and Prof. Prithvirah M, Director, BIT Polytechnic, were also present on the occasion along with HODs from all branches of the institutes.

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