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There is so much to watch on Netflix, with new movies and series being added every week. It is natural that some of us may have missed certain gems. This week, we’d like to recommend our top three favorites.


If you plan to watch a movie from this list, make it happen. Don’t be fooled by the trailer. It leads you to believe that this is another one of those stories about a rich man who changes the life of a poor, disadvantaged woman. But sir there is more to it than that. It is a very subtle portrayal of the struggles and dreams of a daily wage earner.

Ratna, played by Shome in Tilot, is a widowed domestic worker from Mumbai. She gets into a complicated relationship with her boss Ashwin. He recently returned from America after breaking up his marriage. Although basically a love story, Sir makes you question why and how social constructs pose so many obstacles in our daily lives. The movie sheds light on class division and various social evils that come from it.

The show is fun to watch on screen. She embodies Ratna through her body language and dialogue. Vivek Gomber, who plays Sharmila Ashwin, supports her wonderfully. He manages to express different emotions even though he speaks little. In the end, you will find yourself rooting for the two and appreciating the excellent execution of the plot by the director (Rohena Gera). Sir is a simple, good emotional story that evokes many emotions.

Two two four

This is your chance to see Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh together for the last time and witness the magic they bring to cinema as a couple. The camaraderie between the two is palpable in the film and is one of the many things that makes Do Dooni Char such an entertaining watch.

An ode to teachers everywhere, Do Dooni Char is a realistic story about a middle-class family that wants to buy a car but the protagonist (played by Rishi Kapoor) struggles to do so on a meager income. He is a mathematics teacher. When he is bribed to get a student to pass his exam, a moral conflict ensues as the hilarious account of what follows follows.

Neetu Singh as Kusum adds a spark to the story. She is a loving wife and mother who provides a much needed dose of reality check. Other characters, such as the couple’s daughter and son as well as ‘well-meaning’ uncles who come and go, add interesting layers to the simple story and give it some edge. But it’s really the beloved protagonist who steals the show.


This movie will make you angry. The ugliness is sometimes a bit overwhelming. When this man asks his friend’s wife, ‘How is your Phoolan Devi? Has she calmed down?’ When inquiring about your colleague. He smiled and gave her a cup of tea. The wife is a Superintendent of Police and her husband’s colleague is a sub-inspector. You realize that women are weak everywhere, no matter what they do, and the positions they hold. Despite being a police drama, Sony doesn’t include actual crime-solving. Rather, it is about two female police officers and their professional and personal struggles.

The film opens on a deserted street in Delhi where a woman on a bicycle is beaten up. The scene ends with the woman leaving the man with a broken jaw and a swollen eye. The short-tempered woman is Soni, a Delhi Police sub-inspector, who does not take harassment lightly. His superintendent imagination is just the opposite. She is calm and unfazed by problems. But she can do little to control Sonny’s hot head. The two women are also part of a special operation to make Delhi’s roads safer for women.

The lifestyles of the two female protagonists are completely different. One lives in a cramped police colony flat and does all the household chores herself, while the other lives in a spacious apartment with a maid. But the problems faced by the two women are similar, simply because they are women. Geetika with excellent performances by Vidya Ohlyan and Saloni Batra, Soni, co-written, directed and edited by Ivan Iyer, is a must watch.

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