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Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he will be taking a break from acting because a certain illness he has is making him want to focus on his family.

The Australian star of MCU fame has had a flourishing career since then Avengers: Endgame His Asgardian performance earned him starring roles in various franchises and genres. The following include some of his greatest withdrawal, Spiderhead, Men in Black: Internationaland Thor: Love and Thunder.

After his controversial fourth solo outing as the MCU’s Lord of Thunder, another villain Dr. The demented Anya will be opposite Taylor-Joy. Furiosa – which was recently showcased in a new set of photos. After that, he will soon return to Netflix Withdrawal 2 Which will see his return as mercenary Tyler Rake.

But once all is said and done with those projects, both of which have entered post-production, Hemsworth appears to be lining up a break up from acting.

Chris Hemsworth plans to take an acting break after Thor 4

Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Daughter

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth revealed that he is taking a break to focus on family following a recent medical diagnosis.

When asked how his Disney+ series is unlimited helped influence his decision, Hemsworth noted that he keeps “Slap another movie on top of another movie” He feels he has lost time with his family:

“Doing an episode of Death and facing your own mortality made me go, ‘Oh my God, I’m not ready to go yet.’ I want to be in this place and have a great sense of calm and gratitude. And then you start talking about the kids and the family and you go, ‘Oh my God, they’re getting old, they’re growing up and I keep slapping. Another movie on top of another movie.’ Before you know it, they’re 18 and they’re out of the house, and I miss the window.”

That realization made the Australian actor realize what he wanted “to take some time off” Especially now that he was completing projects “To deal in advance:”

“It really made me want to take some time off. And since we finished the show, I’ve been fulfilling the things I had already agreed to. Now that I finish this tour this week, I’m going home. And I’m going to have a good time and simple I’ll make it. Be with the kids, be with my wife.”

The actor’s genetic makeup includes two copies of the APOE4 gene — one from his mother and the other from his father — which studies show increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. While one in four carries one copy of the gene, only 2-3% carry two — based on a 2021 National Institutes of Health study shared by Vanity Fair.

The actor has commented on this unlimited Episode 5, noting that it doesn’t diagnose him with Alzheimer’s, is cause for concern because the gene puts him at a higher risk of developing the disease. However, the actor didn’t want to “Overdramatization” In the public eye:

“My concern was that I didn’t want to manipulate it and overdramatize it, and make it a hokey grab for sympathy, or whatever, for entertainment. It’s not like I’m resigned to it.”

The artist added “definitely” He is more selective in the roles he is taking on:

“For sure. I felt like I was in a sprint for 10 years, and all these moments that were dream scenarios. Moments that I had to step back and go, ‘Wow, this is incredible,’ I was filled with other kinds of requests and inquiries and pulled in different directions. was [I was] Not one to enjoy what was in front of me.”

His grandfather, who still suffers from Alzheimer’s, spoke about his struggle with the disease, clarifying that his diagnosis was no surprise.

“I haven’t seen him in a few years, but I have other family members and there are days when he’s really funny and gives you a big hug. But my mom said he’s a really friendly guy. I’m not. I’m sure he really is now. He remembers a lot and he slips in and out of Dutch, which is his native language, so he’ll speak Dutch and English and then a mash-up and then some other new words as well.”

Hemsworth added there “Navigating Intensity” Just as everyone has to accept the revelation, the actor must also accept it “own death” And the way of death:

“Yes, there was an intensity to navigating it. For most of us, we want to avoid talking about death because we’ll somehow avoid it. We all believe that we can figure it out. Then all of a sudden, some big pointers actually say are pointing this Which is the way it’s going to be, and the reality of it sinks in. Your own death.”

When asked if, by going public with his genetic condition, he is trying to get others to consider getting tested, the actor commented on how he wants to encourage people. “Take good care of yourself:”

“I was offered a version of the episode where we did not Talk about it, and for the exact reason you’re mentioning now, I thought, ‘No, see if it inspires people to take better care of themselves and also realize that there are steps you can take – then fantastic.’ My concern was that I didn’t want to manipulate it and overdramatize it and make it some sort of hokey grab for empathy or entertainment.”

How Chris Hemsworth’s acting break will affect his MCU future

Now that Chris Hemsworth has revealed his plans to take a break from acting, one can only wonder what that means for the future, especially when it comes to Thor. After all, the God of Thunder still seems to be active in the MCU Love and thunderSo he must return to the not-so-distant future.

Of course, Hemsworth remained vague on his break plans as to how long that would last, though the actor doesn’t appear to be holding any roles at this time, at least publicly. Maybe the next time the Australian star will take to the screen will be for her big MCU comeback, assuming her story isn’t over already.

The actor recently said that if he were to return as Thor, Marvel would “Maybe the book should be closed” In his story he questions if he might be nearing his MCU death time. That could mean his ultimate sacrifice in the fight against Kong Avengers: Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars.

But like Kang Dynasty Not hitting theaters until 2025, Hemsworth will have plenty of time to devote to his family first, aside from the odd press tour for his upcoming releases. How is it based? Eternal War Production began in January 2017 in time for a May 2018 release, with an early 2024 start to filming possible.

Thor: Love and Thunder Now streaming on Disney+.

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