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Google’s latest Pixel phone has been out long enough to gather dust, but it never stops before Black Friday, so here we have the best Pixel 7 deals. Courtesy of, this offer gets you a £100 Currys gift card at no extra cost when you buy a Google Pixel 7 contract.

The deal is valid on a wide range of bundles, but the best-value deal we’ve found is the £25/mth Vodafone offer, which gets you 105GB of monthly data plus unlimited texts/minutes. The advance price is £115, but if you use the code ‘EARLYBF’, you’ll get £50 off this price, bringing the price down to just £65. This means you’ll only be paying £665 in total by the end of your contract.

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Putting that price into context, let’s look at the Google Pixel 7. To buy the 128GB model outright, you’re looking at spending £599, which means the deal will get you two years of 105GB data with unlimited calls and texts. Only £66. Add in the cherry on top is a £100 Currys gift card and it’s a bona fide bargain.

All this comes before we get to the main attraction. In our Pixel 7 review, we awarded Google’s latest our prestigious five-star Best Buy award, which should show the kind of quality we’re talking about here. As with most recent Pixels, the banner feature with the Pixel 7 is the excellent camera suite, producing detailed and color-accurate images even in difficult lighting conditions. One of the best new additions is that all cameras can now record 4K at 60fps, which makes a huge difference in footage quality, especially on selfie cameras.

Aside from the cameras, the Pixel 7 sees a respectable bump in performance over its predecessor, with a new Tensor G2 chipset and an even bigger leap in endurance. In our standard video rundown test, the Pixel 7 lasted an impressive 22 hours and 43 minutes, beating the Pixel 6 by several hours and just half an hour behind the most expensive iPhone 14. Google also highlights the “Extreme Battery Saver” option which, when activated in the settings, can provide up to 72 hours of use between charges.

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As with all things, the Pixel 7 has some drawbacks that you need to consider before buying. First of all, the complete lack of microSD and dual-SIM ports can strike as somewhat restrictive, especially if you get the cheaper 128GB model. Further, since some of these improvements are relatively minor, it’s hard to look enviously at the Pixel 7 Pro’s smooth 120Hz refresh rate and 5x telephoto zoom camera. The Pro is definitely the flashier of the two phones, so expect to spend more if you decide to go that route.

Add a sweet £100 Currys gift card at no extra cost and this deal is amazing. If you want to see even more great deals around, you can head over to our central Black Friday hub, where we’ve rounded up the best deals on everything from headphones to kitchen appliances in one convenient place.

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