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It pays tribute to the rich history of Royal Enfield with several special components

If there is any motorcycle company that has always stayed true to its roots, it has to be Royal Enfield. Taking inspiration from this, India-based Rajputana Customs (RCM) has transformed the 2022 Classic 350 into an old-school bobber with myriad elements to match the brand’s early 1900 models.

Custom Royal Enfield Classic 350 by Rajputana Customs

One look at the Custom Classic 350 and the bike comes across as a beast, Which explains why Rajputana customs call it “gaur”, meaning bison. As mentioned above, the inspiration for this project was RE’s rich history (it’s the third oldest motorcycle company in the world), so the team spent many hours looking at the company’s vintage bikes. With ideas on the whiteboard, the team hopped on a donor bike – a 2022 Classic 350 – and thus, began the journey to Gaur.

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starting at the top, The front suspension gave way to old-school girder forks inspired by the ’30s and built in-house by RCM. These forks open to accommodate a custom front wheel (significantly wider than the stock unit) and have a sharp rake to enhance handling. Scoring from the front end a A handcrafted handlebar with a bulb-type headlight with a silver knuckle, again inspired by old-school bikes.

At the opposite end, RCM has given the bike a classic custom seat with chopped rear fender and dual shock absorbers. While the rear suspension remains “modern”, it gets shock absorbers to give off the old-school vibe and blend in with the rest of the bike.

Another cool detail here is the front and rear drum brakes. It may not be as good as the disc brake setup on the stock bike, but it sure looks cool, courtesy of the chrome lettering on them. Speaking about which The motorcycle has chrome inserts all around, including the clutch/brake lever, engine casing, fuel tank (reshaped by hand), and airbox cover.

There are no major changes to the 349cc, J-series engine, but you do get a custom straight pipe. This should result in a slight bump in power and, more importantly, a glass-shattering exhaust note. To give you an idea, The stock 2022 Classic 350 pumps out 20 horsepower and 27Nm.

Can you buy it?

This is currently unclear. however, We know that Royal Enfield itself has approved the project, so it is possible that the company will keep it for display purposes only. On the flip side, RE can even auction it off for a lucky owner. either way, It has no chance of reaching the USA unless you find a way to ship it here.

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