The new Blackrock Community Badminton Club will open in Louth this week | Jobi Cool

The launch night for Blackrock’s new badminton club is on Friday at 7pm in the Community Centre. The club is aimed at adults and the ethos is to get people moving and having fun at the same time.

The idea for the club came from local resident Michael Curley, who was overwhelmed by the response when he posted it on Facebook.

He expected to get about a dozen responses when he asked if anyone would be interested in getting together to hit some shuttles, and instead more than 60 people turned up.

“It started as a small idea and became much bigger, he says. “A lot of people played badminton at school but haven’t since, so we thought we’d give them a chance to start playing again.”

Michael is now chairman of the club’s founding committee, with Rosemary Fee as secretary and Catherine Hughes as treasurer.

Blackrock Community Badminton Club, supported by Louth Local Sports Partnership and Badminton Ireland, hopes to engage the local community in playing badminton using a recreational, non-competitive model with a focus on fun and social networking.

This program provides a non-competitive #JustPlay opportunity for the entire community to play sports and be physically active. The emphasis is on fun, socializing and moving in a safe environment.

Badminton Ireland will be on hand to provide some coaching on the night and representatives from the Badminton Club and Louth Local Sports Partnership will discuss the club’s plans and how they will support it.

“We plan to meet every Friday and Monday evening and also have a class on Friday mornings from 11am to 1pm for anyone dropping their kids off at school,” says Michael.

Anyone interested in this fun sport is invited to attend an informational meeting on Friday evening.

In the evening there will be an opportunity to test your badminton skills, so wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes and bring water. A number of rackets will be available for those who do not have their own. Refreshments will be served on the night. The event is intended for over 18s.

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