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peanuts In 1950, Charles M. Started as a comic strip created by Schulz. The four-panel strip depicts the events of the main character Charlie Brown and his friends. The strip proved very popular, and would later inspire a Christmas-themed animated special in 1965; The success of the special will lead to more specials, shows and movies to date. peanuts has become an incredibly influential and beloved creation in the worlds of both comics and television, especially one that has entertained audiences for generations. Here are the best peanuts Movies and specials, ranked.


8/8 The Peanuts Movie (2015)

A scene from the movie The Peanuts
20th Century Fox

The Peanuts Movie Marks the first digital feature-length Peanuts movie. It follows the characters as Charlie tries more things to gain the attention of a little red-haired girl. Despite the ups and downs along the way, it ends on a happy note, with Charlie praised for his honesty and compassion. Done in digital animation, this design may not be used by fans, but it remains cute and simple, capturing the characters well. It serves as a loving take on the characters that will delight fans old and new.

7/8 Snoopy, come home! (1972)

A scene from Snoopy, come home!
National General

feature length films, Snoopy, come home! Snoopy details the heartbreak that left Charlie to return to his original owner, who was forced to give him up after his apartment did not allow dogs. She is now in the hospital and in need of her, Snoopy is forced to return to her. Snoopy’s going away party is one of the franchise’s most emotional moments, as is the scene where he returns to Charlie. It’s a sweet movie that celebrates Charlie’s beloved dog and his importance to the characters.

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6/8 A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969)

A scene from a boy named Charlie Brown
National General Pictures

A boy named Charlie Brown is the first full-length feature with the characters; Although the feature was originally rejected in 1965, it was accepted two years later as Charlie Brown proved popular, per Our Culture. The movie takes up the national spelling bee as Charlie receives well wishes from his classmates, and receives Linus’ blanket for good luck. He is mistaken for an ironically misspelled beagle, and awkwardly climbs into bed. Charlie claims he’ll never do it again, but Linus explains in his wisest moment that the worst has happened and the world is still turning. It’s a strong movie with a kind, encouraging lesson about failure.

5/8 Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)

Be My Valentine, a scene from Charlie Brown
Lee Mendelson Film Productions

One of the most heartbreaking specials, Be my Valentine, Charlie Brown Charlie and Linus look crushed on a holiday to celebrate love. Linus plans to give his teacher a box of chocolates, only to leave with her boyfriend. Charlie fares worse; He receives no valentines in class, and gets a used one the next day out of pity, even though he knows he shouldn’t have accepted it. It’s one of the more disappointing specials, but it has some great scenes, music, and moments of friendship between Charlie and Linus.

4/8 This Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)

A scene from It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
Lee Mendelson Film Productions

This is the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Centers around the Easter celebration for the group. As everyone gets ready for the holiday, Linus says they don’t need to, because Easter will be a beagle. Despite everyone’s suspicions, Snoopy poses as an Easter beagle and lays eggs. This hilarious special has great moments for all the characters, like Snoopy buying Woodstock a new birdhouse and everyone having fun at the mall. It also has a fun sequence when Patty tries to color Easter eggs with Marcy, only for Marcy to mess up in every way imaginable. It’s lighter than other specials, and a fun watch.

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3/8 A Charlie Brown Thank You (1973)

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Scene
United Feature Syndicate

A Charlie Brown thank you Patty finds herself invited to Charlie’s Thanksgiving dinner. Unable to tell her that he is going to his grandmother’s house, he decides to throw a small dinner for the group, consisting of toast, popcorn, pretzels and jelly beans. Linus recites a prayer from the first Thanksgiving, before Patty reacts angrily to the food. It’s one of the funnier specials, with Snoopy falling over the chair, and the mess he makes for dinner, but it also has the weight of Patty learning her lesson, and seeing what Thanksgiving is really about.

2/8 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

It's the Great Pumpkin, a scene from Charlie Brown
Lee Mendelson Film Productions

Like the Easter special, This is the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown Halloween follows Linus’ quest to stay awake at night and watch a giant pumpkin grow in the pumpkin patch. Despite everyone’s ridicule and disbelief, he leaves trick-or-treating waiting for Pumpkin, but never sees him. Charlie’s night of trick-or-treating doesn’t go well, as he only gets rocks, and is teased by everyone at the party. It’s a little sad, though it does have a nice moment where Charlie and Linus finally get together.

1/8 A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

A scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas
Lee Mendelson Film Productions

The very first peanut special and still the best, A Charlie Brown Christmas They follow the characters as they celebrate Christmas. Charlie feels depressed despite the holiday cheer, and directs the local Christmas play to cheer himself up. This further frustrates him, as he finds everyone acting ridiculous and giving into the commercial aspects of Christmas. To combat this, he brings a real Christmas tree into the game. After the others make fun of its small size, they reevaluate the meaning of Christmas and welcome Charlie and his tree. Smithsonian Magazine reported that the particular was seen as risky and likely to flop, yet it was well received, and remains so. From the colorful animation, to the iconic soundtrack, to the hopeful sincerity, this is one of the best Christmas shows ever.

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