The best new movies and shows on Netflix today: November 14, 2022 | Jobi Cool

It’s been a busy week for Netflix
, many new movies and TV shows will be added to the streaming service’s digital library every day. And today is no exception, as there are two new options available to subscribers.

So let’s take a look at the best that was added to Netflix today. Additionally, below the article you can find a complete list of every new show that hit Netflix last week.

If you want some recommendations about the best new movies and shows on all the other major streaming outlets this week, check out my list here.


In a candid conversation with actor Jonah Hill, leading psychotherapist Phil Stutz explores his early life experiences and unique, visual model of therapy.

Teletubbies: Season 1

Join friends Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po on wonder-filled adventures as they learn and grow in this colorful refresh of the children’s classic.

Every new movie and show added to Netflix last week

  • The Claus Family 2 (November 8)
  • Minions and More Volume 2 (November 8)
  • Neil Brennan: Blocks (November 8)
  • Triviaverse (November 8)
  • Angels and Demons (November 9)
  • The Crown: Season 5 (November 9)
  • FIFA Revealed (November 9)
  • The Railway Man (November 9)
  • The Soccer Football Movie (November 9)
  • Fall for Christmas (November 10)
  • Missing Bullet 2 (November 10)
  • Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia (November 10)
  • Alabama State vs. Brittany Smith (Nov. 10)
  • Warrior Nun: Season 2 (November 10)
  • Ancient Apocalypse (November 11)
  • Catching the Killer Nurse (November 11)
  • Dinner at my place (November 11)
  • Don’t Leave (November 11)
  • Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Season 2: Down Under (November 11)
  • Goosebumps (November 11)
  • Is that black enough for you?!? (November 11)
  • Laguna Beach: Seasons 1-2 (November 11)
  • Monica, O My Darling (November 11)
  • My Father’s Dragon (November 11)
  • Something Needs (November 11)
  • Where the Crawdads Sing (November 12)
  • Stutz (November 14)
  • Teletubbies: Season 1 (November 14)

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