The best Netflix original movies of 2022 so far | Jobi Cool

Jennifer Keatin Robinson’s sophomore directorial feature, “Do Revenge,” is not only one of the best comedies of 2022, but one of the funniest mysteries of the last few years. Drawing influences from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train,” “Do Revenge” features a stellar cast including Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, as well as the film’s retro, high school-defining technical set design. Utopia.

Co-leads Mendes and Hawke are the stars of the show, displaying a chemistry that carries the film through even its most chaotic moments, which tends to get there when the revenge plot is too overstretched to make full logical sense. “Euphoria’s” Alm Abrams also plays the perfect antagonist as Max, the popular king of Rosehill Country Day High School.

There are parts of the film that feel contrived, like some beats centered around toxic masculinity, but that’s mostly the point. The characters in “Do Revenge” live in a rich, utopian version of Miami. Their bubbles are far removed from the rest of the world, so the tone with which important, cultural talking points are portrayed on screen mimics the naivety and rigidity that plagues the characters’ existence.

“Do Revenge” is a winning black comedy with a great twist that continues to find audiences interested in off-beat, dynamic storylines that make every character incredible and leave every viewer on edge.

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