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Feeling under the weather? There’s nothing better than being bundled up by stocking up on liquids while watching a beloved movie. According to Tucker, the results showed how survey respondents are optimizing their sick days with things they love. The average millennial parent to children ages 4-12 watches five hours of TV or movies each sick day. The most popular genre is rom-coms. The results showed that the 2,000 surveyed get sick about three times a year.

Respondents were more likely to prefer old favorites than wrap their heads around a new show or movie. More than half (56%) of respondents have a go-to or favorite feel-good comfort movie. The average person said they could watch it four times in a row without getting sick. In fact, 45% of them admit that they may watch it more than four times.

One in 10 of them (11%) say they can watch it “unlimited times”. In total, respondents watched their “feel-better” movie about 34 different times! Parents felt relaxed (54%), happy (48%) and calm (40%) after watching their favorite movie. Almost two-thirds of parents agree that they have passed their love of their favorite movies on to their children.

“Nothing brings the family together like a movie night, and nothing makes a movie night better than a feel-good flick that fills you with warm, fuzzy feelings—especially when you’re sick. We understand that feeling better means your cough symptoms It’s not just about cutting back – it’s about relaxing on the couch as you and your family work together to feel better,” said Albert So, Delsim’s Marketing Director.

“When a family member is under the weather, the whole house is caught up in the storm and that daily routine can be disrupted, causing discomfort and chaos. Families not only need quick-acting relief, but they also need comforting remedies to help them navigate that storm. Whether it’s mom’s Whether it’s chicken soup, your feel-good movie or cozying up with your kids, whatever makes you feel good can go a long way.

Check out some of the study’s findings below:

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