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Airplanes, trains and automobiles Official trailer Paramount Movies

in airplanes, trains and automobiles, John Hughes pulls off one of the most ambitious gambits of its kind that I can recall – a scene so indelible that it threatens to permanently throw the movie off its axis. His previous film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Much of his third act was wasted on Cameron’s daddy issues (“Who do you love? Love cars!”), and perhaps Hughes felt the intensity grafted onto Ferris’ frantic racing path. return home Planes, trains and automobiles Steve Martin uses John Candy’s underwear as a washcloth and they scream in unison when they realize they’re driving on the wrong side of the highway, but Hughes still wants us to see these two fight. Passengers as human beings, not just punchline factories. When the two are forced to share a hotel room after their flight is canceled, they do the expected odd-couple routine for a while, scoring candy and laughing through endless exaggerated throat-clearing. Then the nonsense suddenly becomes real. [Mike D’Angelo]

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