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Edge, 1998

Disney Channel/Everett

I don’t have an athletic bone in my body when it comes to riding anything with wheels, but what do I did Had a huge crush on Eric von Detten in 1998, thanks to his role as Wally Cleaver. Leave it to Beaver years ago. edge Cool takes advantage of the 90s-era obsession with rollerblading and combines it with the cool sports-competition story iconized by the movies. The Mighty Ducks and little giant Before this, and not much after. Special shout-out to Team Pup-N-Suds, which will always be my trivia-team name from now until the end of time.

– Jennifer Juneau Haupt

Cadet Kelly, 2002

Buena Vista/Cobble/Shutterstock

Cadet Kelly It’s a wonderful girl-power movie with two early queens (Hilary Duff and Christy Carlton Romano). I liked girls who could do girls but also liked physical things and this movie had both. Like other early DCOMs, this one was really funny if you weren’t attached to these characters as existing Disney personalities.

– Angela Andaloro

Camp Rock, 2008

John Medland/Disney Channel

Camp Rock 1 and 2 have all the fixings of a classic 2000s DCOM: Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers sing their way through summer, romance and teen drama. The show’s tunes and beautifully cringe dance numbers are matched only by songs like “Wouldn’t Change a Thing,” which dedicated Zillennials had bop long before it went viral on TikTok this year.

– Antonia DeBianchi

Cow Bells, 2006

Disney Channel

This DCOM, which sees Aly and AJ Michalka forcing spoiled teenagers to work for their family’s business, was a kid-friendly version. simple life — aka the iconic 2000s reality show starring real-life friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. In fact, the television flick was inspired by the former Fox reality series, making it quite iconic. The Michalka sisters previously revealed they were developing a sequel to the DCOM — which also had plenty of fashion-worthy moments — but Plans have fallen behind.

– Dory Jackson

Descendants, 2015

Jack Rowand / Disney Channel

Like the iconic DCOM directorial follow-up High School Musical and cheetah girls, Kenny Ortega brings that Disney magic to a whole new generation Descendant suffrage Not only is this a fun twist on the classic fairy tale stories we all know and love, but with Ortega’s direction and choreography, you know it’s packed with great performances from a talented cast!

-Kelsey Gibson

Get a clue, 2002


This DCOM had it all: rising starlet Lindsay Lohan, future Disney Channel icon Brenda Song and a good mystery. More importantly, this early 2000s film boasts some of the most iconic fashions ever seen on screen — and sure, that’s a bold statement for a film aimed at tweens, but the costumes deserve more credit than they’re given.

– Dory Jackson

Halloweentown, 1998

Singer White/Ventura Valley Film/Cobble/Shutterstock

Confession: I haven’t seen it Halloweentown The first time until my mid-30s a few years ago since I only had access to the Disney Channel during the free months during my childhood. But I was the same age as Marnie when this movie came out, and as someone who always felt a little different (and a little witchy) as a teenager/teenager, Halloweentown Speaks deeply to me, even as an adult—and especially as an adult whose favorite holiday is Halloween. And the fact that the real-life Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) is now engaged to him Halloweentown II Costar Daniel Kountz is further proof that the film has stood the test of time.

– Jennifer Juneau Haupt

High School Musical, 2006

Disney Channel/Everett

High School Musical It was truly the “beginning of something new” for a whole new generation of DCOMers. A movie that gives a sense of humor Greece, Everything was there: romance, music, basketball — basketball and music mixed together! It also launched Zac Efron into official heartthrob status — something we can all be grateful for.

– Alexandra Schoenfeld

Minutemen, 2008

Disney Channel

Time travel for a good cause? Sign us up! What makes this DCOM fun and memorable is that the Minutemen use their time-traveling abilities to help fellow students in embarrassing situations, but the audience also learns the importance of not seeing themselves. Not to mention, the film features a young Nicholas Brown ex-Succession Fame – So, we don’t have the option of standing automatically.

– Dory Jackson

Now You See It…, 2005

Disney Channel

This movie about a teenage magician, played by Johnny Pakar, is a lot of fun to watch the magic tricks alone. But viewers also get to see Aly Michalka in her DCOM debut shortly after she begins to win hearts as Kili Tesla. Phil of the future years ago. To top things off, real-life musical sister duo Aly and AJ’s song “Do You Believe in Magic?” It was released alongside the film — and it’s fitting.

– Dory Jackson

Phantom of the Megaplex, 2000

Grossbart Barnett Prod/Everett

The Phantom of the Megaplex Halloween is the dark horse of DCOMs. Who doesn’t love a good whodunnit: small town movie theater style? The beloved holiday hit follows hardworking teenagers and newly hired assistant manager Pete Riley as they prepare to work on a big movie premiere at their local movie theater. But when things go awry due to a mysterious apparition that prowls the night, Pete joins forces with his two younger siblings to unmask the villain and save the premiere. This film is great for all the right reasons: a story that will keep you on the edge of your 2000-seat, a list of suspenseful and scary moments (especially when the siblings explore the theater’s creepy basement and a ghost attacks the ceiling) and, most of all, legendary. Mickey Rooney. Need I say more?

– Joel Goldstein

Smart House, 1999

Disney Channel/Everett

As an 8-year-old strangely fascinated by home design and decorating (I guess that explains my current Zillow obsession), I thought DCOM’s Smart House It seemed like the best place to live. The movie follows Ben, who recently lost his mother and decides to enter a competition to win a completely rigged house with a personal assistant (similar to today’s Siris and Alexas). His family wins and moves in, initially enjoying the high-tech amenities — floors that feel dirt or grime and are instantly absorbent, fresh cupcakes that pop off the counter for after-school snacks, a uninformed—like the algorithm that determines what to wear that day — but the personal assistant, PAT, played by Kate Sagal, soon becomes a little too overbearing, and it starts wreaking havoc on their lives. I won’t spoil the rest, but I recommend coming for the nifty home inventions that were ahead of their time in 1999, and stay for the surprisingly poignant story of working through the loss of a parent and watching the other find someone new.

-Julie Maggiotta

Stuck in the Suburbs, 2004

Disney Channel/Everett

As someone who lives in the suburbs and loves when a pop star comes to my small town, this movie was a lot of fun to watch. Since cellphones were just becoming a thing and the hot gadget in the movie was a blackberry type phone, it was great to see how they used technology in the movie. It also had catchy music and was always a classic DCOM to watch with friends!

– Georgia Slater

Thirteenth year, 1999

Disney Channel

This early DCOM, about an adopted teen whose 13th birthday brings him strange new powers, has it all: a fantasy beach, a splash of mystery (no pun intended) and the childhood thrill of a world in which mermaids really do exist. the people

-Rachel DeSantis

Twitches, 2005

Disney Channel / Everett

For the people you love sister, sister, it was the best movie because it was basically the same concept just with a little Razzle dazzle. It’s such a great movie that teaches that nothing is truly lost and a little self-belief goes a long way.

– Stephanie Sengwe

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, 2006

Disney Channel/Everett

Few Disney Channel original movies reach cinematic heights Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. Sure to tap into some early nostalgia, it features the only Brenda song in the made-for-TV action-packed 90 minutes — plus, an iconic mall makeover scene set to a cover of Orlando Brown’s “Will It.” Going around in circles?” What’s not to like?

— Nat Nicolai

Wish Upon A Star, 1996

Leucadia Film Corporation/Everett

“I wish I was Alexia Wheaton!” Any printin’ girl feels this way when she sees Katherine Heigl’s frosted pink lipstick and ice lavender eyeshadow in this movie. Awkward younger sister Hailey wants a star to walk in her popular older sister Alexia’s platform sandals – and then the two try to get off each other’s bodies, before finally realizing how hard it is. To really be another. However it is Technically The last Disney Channel premiere movie before the DCOM took off, I count it because it has all the hallmarks of a truly great DCOM (including a soon-to-be giant star).

– Alex Apatoff


John Medland/Disney Channel/Everett

Beneath the fun make-up, beautiful costumes and very catchy songs, ZOMBIES It’s based on a story we’re all familiar with: a boy and girl who can’t be together because of where they come from. The film also shares the ever-important message of acceptance and teaches viewers to celebrate what makes everyone unique. Like many of our favorites, ZOMBIES It was just the beginning because two films have followed.

– Alexandra Schoenfeld

Princess Conservation Program, 2009

Francisco Roman / Disney Channel

Just when you thought no movie could do a modern-day princess like Anne Hathaway The Princess DiariesDemi Lovato and Selena Gomez gave it to us Princess Conservation Program. When this movie premiered, I was 10 years old and still debating whether I resonated more with the angsty Carter Mason (Gomez) or Princess Rosalinda (Lovato) — turns out I’m a mix of both, ha! However, this movie taught me the importance of being open and accepting of others – and that two people from very different worlds can still come together to form a lasting friendship. Plus, who doesn’t love the final homecoming dance scene where the mean girl meets her fate, the boy finally tells the girl how he feels, and iconic supporting singles like “One in the Same”? This is a must see!

– Daniela Avila

Jump In, 2007


I remember loving Jump in Because it came out a year later High School Musical So it was great to see Corbin Blue in another role. The same goes for Keke Palmer a year later Akeelah and Maury! The music of the movie was also very catchy and it was nice to see a movie made about jump rope as a sport.

– Georgia Slater

Alley Cat Strike, 2000

Rastar Prod/Everett

Alley Cat Strike is a film that evokes the sense of community in a very kind way. The competition is there but the character development makes it much more than a sports movie. You’ll forget it’s a Disney Channel Original Movie after watching it!

– Ingrid Vasquez

The Cheetah Girls, 2003

Disney Channel/Everett

Cheetah Girls The first DCOM was a musical, and perfectly encapsulated the larger-than-life quality of a world where four high school freshmen just want to win their performing arts high school talent show — but end up being offered a record deal. It had an otherworldly quality to it, from the names of the characters (Galeria, Chanel, Aquanet and Dorinda) to the fact that they were going on Fifth Avenue shopping sprees to get more leopard-print clothes to mix and match. Starring Raven-Symoné, Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams, the film was also executive produced by Whitney Huston. With so many real-life musicians on board, it makes sense that Cheetah Girls’ message to its young audience was inspired by the power of friendship and the importance of living your dreams. And, importantly, don’t give in to the demands of thin music execution. As a tween who frequently performs songs, dances and plays with her friends, I can only hope to one day emulate these Cheetah sisters.

– Amanda Taylor

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