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The world first fell in love with Christina Applegate on the sitcom Married…with children In 1987, but by then, the 16-year-old actress had worked since she was three months old. Now in 2022, the Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient has been a fixture in TV and movies for more than four decades.

Applegate stars and executive produces Netflix’s hit series died for me which releases its highly anticipated third and final season on November 17. With other credits like this star’s latest critically acclaimed television title Samantha who? and Emmy-winning guest open friends.

Apart from taking the comedy world by storm on the small screen, Christina Applegate has also appeared in several movies, including her most popular. Anchorman, the sweetest thing, and cult hit Don’t tell mom the babysitter died. But where can you watch Applegate’s best shows and movies right now?

The Best Christina Applegate Show

After she started on the small screen at the age of three months days of our lives, Applegate has been one of the all time greats. She acted Married…with children Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal as Kelly Bundy for 11 seasons. After the hit series ended, she went on to star in her own series and one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

Here are Applegate’s biggest television shows:

  • Married…with children (1987-1997) – Hulu, Peacock
  • Jessie (1998-2000) — not currently available online
  • friends (2002-2003, two episodes) – HBO Max
  • Equality? (2007-2009) —, Hulu
  • up all night (2011-2012) – Roku Channel
  • dead to me (2019-2022) — Netflix

(Note: Each title is available on the streamer listed until November 2022.)

Best Christina Applegate Movies

Applegate’s film career began in 1981, but took off as she found success in the early 1990s. Married…with children. He splits time between indie films and studio fare. 1991 dark comedy Don’t tell mom the babysitter died Has become a cult favorite, while extra like comedy Anchorman and The sweetest thing Generations have also become hits.

Here are all the best Christina Applegate movies:

  • Don’t tell mom the babysitter died (1991) — with Amazon and Hulu Cinemax
  • The sweetest thing (2002) – Hulu
  • View from the top (2003) – Starz
  • Leftover Christmas (2004) – Amazon Prime Video
  • Anchorman (2004) – Paramount+
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakwell (2009) – Disney+
  • going the distance (2010) – HBO Max, Starz
  • hall pass (2011) – Hulu
  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013) — Paramount+
  • holiday (2015) – HBO Max
  • Bad mothers (2016) – Available to rent or buy
  • A Bad Mother Christmas (2017) – Netflix

(Note: Each title is available on the streamer listed until November 2022.)

What is your favorite Christina Applegate performance? Share your picks in the comments, and be sure to check out Tara dead to me Only on Netflix.

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