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Werewolves are a popular type of supernatural beast because their appearance can vary greatly. A werewolf is someone cursed to turn into a wolf. Typically, a werewolf is bound to the full moon, a time filled with superstition and supposedly supernatural power, for its transformation.

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However, the degree of transformation can vary from a very hairy human to some wolf-human hybrid creature or a true wolf. Filmmakers have tried for decades to capture this iconic monster on the big screen. Perhaps the most iconic look comes from the 1941 film the wolf manAnd many have tried to improve upon it, but many are weak.

10/10 That werewolf looks sick

The Harry Potter The franchise has a huge following, and it was made even bigger with the release of the films. Harry came into contact with, or fought, all sorts of mythical creatures and magic users. It also includes classic creatures from mythology such as the werewolf.

The first werewolf Harry encountered was Professor Lupine. After forgetting to take the potion to stop the transformation, Lupine transforms under the full moon. However, he looked more like a rat or a dog with mane than a werewolf.

9/10 This werewolf is more human than animal

the wolf was a 1994 romantic horror film with an all-star cast including Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and many more. Nicholson’s character, Will, is bitten by a wolf, and his life begins to crumble around him. He becomes a rival with his protégé, and things come to a deadly end.

Will’s bite from a wolf turned him into a werewolf. Unfortunately, transformed into a werewolf the wolf Nothing special to see. A werewolf has golden eyes, sharp teeth, long nails, and lots of hair, but otherwise looks very human.

8/10 These werewolves emphasize “wolf”.

Perhaps the most successful young adult romantic horror of the last two decades, The the twilight Saga introduced fans to some of the weakest werewolves ever. Accepted members of the Quileute tribe the twilight Not really werewolves but shapeshifters.

These shape-shifters will transform into giant wolves, so the confusion is understandable. While giant CGI wolves are impressive, a real werewolf, which technically exists. the twilightThere was a chance to be cooler than a super-sized wolf.

7/10 Dogman is barely there

dogman, Released in 2012, Werewolf is one of the hardest movies to consider. It’s sub-par in every way, from terrible acting, poor editing, and a disappointing villain. The film is about a dogman, which is basically a creature trapped in the form of a werewolf.

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So, it’s not exactly a werewolf, but Dogman isn’t in the movie either. Dogman has almost zero screen time, except for a flash of its mouth or seeing someone scratch someone with its hand. What we see looks like a cheap dress; Baby dogmen were also just husky dogs.

6/10 Red hunts some ugly beasts

Red: Werewolf Hunter Follows Virginia, a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood and her family of werewolf hunters. The story and acting are a bit cheesy, but for a SyFy original movie, it’s not too bad, and the werewolves could have been great if the film had more funding.

unfortunately, Red: Werewolf Hunter It was a made-for-TV movie, so it didn’t have a big budget. As a result, the werewolves suffered from terrible CGI. This led to some seriously ugly werewolves that looked like deformed characters Cats.

5/10 Silver Bullet’s werewolf seems to be man’s best friend

Based on the novel by Stephen King, The silver bullet Considered a classic among fans of werewolf films. The story of the film revolves around a small town devastated by several unsolved murders. Eventually, it is discovered that a werewolf is to blame, and it is the town’s reverend.

Although the film is limited in its effects due to the fact that it was released in 1985, it is a great film. Alas, this greatness was not extended to Werewolf. Instead, what fans got The silver bullet It looked like a man in dog clothes.

4/10 These filmmakers need to brush up on their cryptids

Wanted to win the title A American Werewolf in London2005 horror film Mexican Werewolf in Texas was a flop. The film was underwhelming all around, and currently only has a 17% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the worst part was the “werewolf” of the film.

The term “werewolf” is used lightly in this instance because the Mexican werewolf is actually a chupacabra. Not only is the monster actually a werewolf, but it’s one of the ugliest beasts to ever hit film. Chupacabra looks more exotic than a cryptid animal.

3/10 A bad moon caused bad changes

in bad moon, Ted, one of the main characters, and his girlfriend are attacked by a creature, and Ted barely survives. Ted then moves closer to his sister to heal and once he begins to transform, great danger looms.

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In the final form of a werewolf Bad moon Looks great, but his mid-transformation looks are terrible. Looking like a cheap Halloween costume, Ted stops partway through the transformation into monologue, not to mention his shrinking and growing limbs.

2/10 The villain of the Cursed has a cursed appearance

Fans had high hopes for the horror comedy cursed, It came out in 2005, because it was directed by horror giant Wes Craven. The movie follows an orphaned brother and sister who are attacked and cursed by a werewolf who is jealous of their sister.

Since the movie is a comedy, it is expected to have campy bits, but fans have come to expect a bit more from a Craven film. The werewolf is civilized except for its ears; Something about them erases its fear factor. The ears are almost Yoda shaped. Plus, the werewolf flips the bird, so how scary can it be?

1/10 Dark Shadows can’t do werewolves

black shadow gave fans a selection of supernatural entities for their viewing pleasure, including a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf. While the main story focuses on a grown vampire, Barnabas Collins, his surviving teenage female descendant, Caroline, is revealed to be a werewolf.

Caroline’s transformed look had so much potential, which can be seen in her wolf-like legs. However, the ball fell on his face. Instead of growing a snout or wolf ears, it looks like she’s stuck some hair on her face and put on some contacts.

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