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Heartbreak is always a hard hit in children’s movies. Audiences expecting a good story are sometimes shocked by unexpectedly heavy themes. But just because the content is for kids doesn’t always guarantee it will be a fun adventure.

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The sudden death of a popular character can change the mood of a film. Themes like abandonment or friendship loss can turn any upbeat kids movie into a bittersweet one. While many movies for kids have happy endings, that doesn’t mean the characters always avoid tragedy. From classic animated Disney movies to live-action book adaptations, many movies made for kids are sure to make viewers cry.

10/10 Dumbo’s separation from his mother is heartbreaking

Dumbo hugging Mrs. Jumbo in Disney's Dumbo (1942).

Although most of the film takes place in a circus, Disney’s Dumbo Far from whimsical. After Mrs. Jumbo tries to protect her son from human bullies, she is imprisoned by the circus owners. For the rest of the film, Dumbo must navigate his strange world without the help of his mother.

The most heartbreaking scene in the movie is when Timothy Q. The mouse helps Dumbo meet his mother in his captivity. Although this moment should be happy, the two could not see each other properly. Instead, they can only touch trunks until a tearful Dumbo releases him again.

9/10 Flipper reveals the mistreatment of marine animals

Swimming with Flipper in Sandy Ricks Flipper.

flipper Swimming with dolphins proves to not always be a fun ride. As Sandy bonds with a wild dolphin named Flipper, he discovers a network of marine life abuse by local fishermen.

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If taking advantage of helpless animals wasn’t sad enough, Flipper becomes seriously ill after toxic waste is dumped into the ocean. Sandy and her friends must race to save him while trying to uncover the greedy fishermen responsible. Although a movie with playful dolphins should feel like a back float, these aquatic mammals can’t catch a break.

8/10 The never-ending story is relentless with character deaths

Atreyu in Artex in The Neverending Story.

A never ending story It may seem magical, but beneath its fantasy world lies a tragic story. Atreyu must embark on a journey to save the Empress from disease while a vengeful force known as the Nothing destroys everything in its path.

Artax, Atreus’ horse and best friend, is killed in a swamp during the journey. In a very disturbing scene, the audience has to watch Artax slowly drown while Atreyu tries in vain to save him. Meanwhile, Nothing continues to relentlessly consume everything it finds, including the film’s beautiful world and characters.

7/10 The story of a little princess is shocked by war and cruelty

Sara looking up at a little princess.

A little princess It celebrates messages of kindness and imagination, but it also reveals a disturbingly harsh reality. Sarah must stay at a boarding school in New York while her father is away fighting in World War I, but after his death, she becomes a prisoner in her own home.

Furthermore, Miss Maria Minchin, the greedy headmistress, confiscates Sarah’s most valuable possessions and forces her to work as a servant. She is often confined to a dusty attic room and starved. Although Sarah was eventually reunited with her father, she was subjected to months of abuse by her alleged caretakers.

6/10 Charlotte’s Web kills off a beloved character

Wilbur, Charlotte, and the farm animals have a meeting in Charlotte's Web.

There are few animated deaths as tragic as Charlotte’s Charlotte’s Web. After repeatedly shocking people to save Wilbur’s life, viewers must watch as their eight-legged hero finally succumbs to natural causes.

While beautiful and witty, the story is incredibly bittersweet with Charlotte’s passing. Wilbur is forced to deal with the sudden loss of his beloved friend and work through his grief. What begins as a fun adventure eventually becomes a tale of grappling with mortality. Generations of children remember Charlotte’s tear-jerking farewell, which never lost its poignant emotional impact.

5/10 My girl is surrounded by death

Bee kills Thomas Jay in My Girl.

my girl Starts out morbid from the get-go. The film centers on 11-year-old Vada Sultanfuss, who develops an obsession with death after being raised in a funeral home. Her fear of death worsens over time, as she wonders if her mother was responsible for her being killed at birth.

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If that wasn’t disturbing enough, Wada’s worst fears come true when her best friend, Thomas Jay, is killed by a swarm of bees. His death is incredibly disturbing, especially when Wada witnesses his open casket being raised and is saddened when he is not wearing his glasses. Despite some of its lighter scenes, my girl It is relentless with its tragic moments and its overarching themes of inevitable death.

4/10 Leslie’s sudden death on the Bridge of Terabithia is horrifying

Leslie and Jace cross their bridge to Terabithia on the Bridge.

While most Bridge of Terabithia Featuring non-stop adventure and fantasy, its magical moments come to a thrilling halt when Leslie is found dead. The child’s death is already incredibly tragic, but Jess’s subsequent grief is especially painful to witness.

After Leslie’s death, Jess must deal with overwhelming feelings of survivor’s guilt, as her friend was killed while crossing the river at their special place. The tragedy of the situation pierces even more acutely thanks to Josh Hutcherson’s moving performance. Despite its funnier moments, Bridge of TerabithiaDoes not shy away from strong concepts.

3/10 The audience is still horrified by the death of Bambi’s mother

Bambi and her mother in Bambi.

Bambi It introduces viewers to the natural world through the eyes of its animals. This experience also includes the brutal nature of death. Much of the film features Bambi meeting new friends and exploring his home, as he is forced to grow up after the sudden death of his mother.

Despite its original release in 1942, The Death of Bambi’s Mother remains notoriously disturbing to this day. The moments leading up to her fatal shooting by the human hunters are intensely disturbing. Although his death occurs off-screen, Bambi’s eventual realization that he is alone in the world is absolutely devastating.

2/10 The opening scenes of Up are unexpectedly heartbreaking

Carl and Ellie on a picnic blanket at Up.

above Known for its colorful animation and unique adventure, it is also known for one of the most heartbreaking opening scenes in Disney and Pixar history. After watching Carl and Ellie grow up and fall in love, Ellie eventually dies of an illness.

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The scene is masterfully composed with emotional music, gorgeous animation, and no dialogue. Both children and adults found the sequence heartbreaking, as the experience of aging is universally human. Although this silent montage of the couple’s life is less than 10 minutes long, it sets up a somber tone for the rest of the feature.

1/10 The Land Before Time immerses viewers in an unforgiving prehistoric world

Ducky talking to a sad Littlefoot on the Land ahead of time.

land before time Pulls no punches when it comes to the cutthroat nature of dinosaurs. As the film begins, Littlefoot is forced to survive on his own after his mother is killed by the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The scene is particularly devastating when Littlefoot shares his last words with his dying mother before she dies. Furthermore, in a later scene, he mistakes his own shadow for that of his mother. The joy fades from his eyes once more as he comes to terms with the harsh truth that she is indeed gone. This scene is enough to touch anyone’s heart and powerful enough to resonate for the rest of the movie.

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