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Even though it has been more than 10 years Harry Potter Movie premiere, Saga is still one of the most beloved franchises. This is largely thanks to the magical world Rowling created, which Warner Bros. and a talented cast brought to the silver screen.

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sure Harry Potter The characters became iconic thanks to the actors behind them. They clearly studied their characters in the books and made an extra effort to make them memorable, which allowed them to be perfectly adapted to the silver screen.

10/10 Lucius Malfoy was great from start to finish

Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter franchise

Jason Isaacs arrives Harry Potter Universe as Lucius Malfoy Chamber of Secrets. Harry meets Draco’s father and has his first encounter with one of the purest families in wizarding society. Isaac was everything fans had come to expect from the character: steadfast and cruel, but often pathetic.

Lucius Malfoy is one of those secondary characters who proved to be very important throughout the saga. The films did a good job of peppering her here and there without neglecting her or giving her too many scenes. This, along with Isaac’s commitment to the role, made him an excellent antagonist.

9/10 Emma Thompson gave Sybil Trelawny the proper emotional depth

Sybil Trelawny

Portrayed by Emma Thompson, Professor Trelawney is Harry’s eccentric divination teacher. Most of the characters think of him as an impostor, but he is actually responsible for two important prophecies in the Wizarding World. His character is not a huge fan favorite, but Thompson gives a brilliant performance portraying the teacher’s behavior perfectly.

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In the books, Trelawney is a witch who relies on the shock factor to be taken seriously. Thompson perfectly captures her cringe-worthy attitude, making fans feel sorry for her when Umbridge humiliates her. This character makes the audience feel more empathy for her than the books’ Trelawny ever did.

8/10 Fred and George are the best adapted Weasleys

Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Cheerful Fred and George Weasley are two of its best characters Harry Potter series. The mocking twins are a key element in Harry’s understanding of the magical world and add essential humor to the story. James and Oliver Phelps did such a great job that they are synonymous with the characters.

The core of Fred and George’s sense of humor comes from their shared testimony. They often talk like they are practicing numbers. The Phelps twins share similar emotions, which makes them great actors for the role. On top of that, it also helps that none of the movies deviated their story from the books.

7/10 The films portray Dumbledore’s ruthlessness exactly as it does in the first few books

Dumbledore leaving Harry Potter at the Dursleys

One of the biggest controversies in Harry Potter The fandom was Richard Harris’ recast of Dumbledore after he passed away. Considering that the later movies don’t even suit Dumbledore, giving him an energetic vibe that doesn’t go with the iteration of the wizarding books, the fandom can’t help but miss Richard Harris.

Harris was the perfect choice for the former Dumbledore because he still gave off an inspiring, fatherly and calm vibe when talking to Harry, and fans agree that there was something magical about his portrayal. He was just as mysterious and quirky as Dumbledore was in the first few books.

6/10 Julie Walters flawlessly embodies the Weasley Matriarch

Molly Weasley smiled tightly

One of the best mothers in movies, Molly Weasley is a well-adapted character. While she is a nurturing mother, Harry’s first maternal figure, she is also a powerful witch and strict parent. Throughout the books, she switches from one to the other depending on the situation. No doubt her children challenge her patience.

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Molly’s value as a character rests not only on her role as a mother but also on her dramatic demeanor. The way she goes from anxious to angry to relieved reminds some viewers of her own mother. It helps a lot that Julie Walters is an excellent actor who manages to convey all those emotions.

5/10 Dolores Umbridge is cruel

Delores Umbridge in Order of the Pheonix

For a villain who isn’t a Death Eater, Dolores Umbridge is one of the worst adversaries. Harry Potter the story The book does a great job of explaining how corny she is while also being incredibly cruel. In the movies, Imelda Stanton portrayed these traits perfectly.

Stanton’s physical acting is almost a word-for-word match from the book. She is nutty and harsh to the point where many viewers hate her even more than Voldemort. This is thanks in large part to Stanton’s commitment to creating a visceral response in his audience.

4/10 Matthew Lewis showed Neville’s development

Neville Longbottom Prisoner of Azkaban closed

Neville grew up a lot in Longbottom Harry Potter The series and films managed to depict this perfectly. He goes from being Harry Potter’s well-intentioned but unfortunate friend to becoming the leader of the Hogwarts Rebellion and the one who kills Voldemort’s last Horcrux, Nagini.

Matthew Lewis grew up with Neville, and he manages to hilariously portray Neville’s awkwardness in his younger years without the audience losing empathy for the character. However, he also did a great job portraying Neville as an adult, showing his courage and determination in the face of danger, which was very book-correct.

3/10 Luna Lovegood was eccentric, wholesome and quirky

Luna Lovegood on the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter.

Ever since he first appeared Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Luna Lovegood became a fan favorite character for her quirky yet wholesome personality. Warner Bros. conducted an extensive search for Luna, and Ivana Lynch auditioned against 50,000 other girls.

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As a fan, Lynch understood this character well. According to David Heyman, Harry Potterproducer, “Others could play Luna, Ivana Lynch is Luna” (via The Independent). Lynch portrayed Luna’s quirky demeanor, her dreamy voice, and her kindness as fans have portrayed her. It’s hard to imagine a different Luna Lovegood now.

2/10 Rubeus had a friendly and clumsy manner with Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter

Hagrid is one of the most important people in Harry’s life. Hagrid is Harry’s first contact with the Wizarding World and the only adult Harry fully trusts. His role is so important that it was necessary to make him as similar in the books as possible.

Fortunately, Robbie Coltrane was the right decision. The late actor perfectly conveyed Hagrid’s personality, from his Scottish accent to his friendly yet clumsy demeanor. Since Hagrid is big and hairy, it wasn’t hard to make him scary, but Coltrane channeled the character’s warmth and made him hilarious.

1/10 Minerva McGonagall was stern but loving

Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter

Dame Maggie Smith won everyone’s hearts Harry Potter Fans with her portrayal of the stern but loving Professor Minerva McGonagall. One of Dumbledore’s most loyal allies, McGonagall was also his second in command in the war and Hogwarts administration.

Ma Smith’s performance Harry Potter The movies were so compelling that fans loved McGonagall more as a result. The whole Potter generation has a hard time imagining anyone else in the role. In the books, McGonagall is nurturing through her actions, but not through her dry demeanor, Smith adds a layer of warmth through her voice and expressions.

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