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The ancient mythology has served as inspiration for countless movies made over the centuries, even being one of the earliest genres of Hollywood movies. Mythology is one of the most creative sources of inspiration for modern storytelling, and many creators have brought these stories to life. In fact, a strong foundation in ancient mythology makes for some great stories.

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These tales of mythology have fantasy and adventure at the heart of their stories, with a heavy emphasis on heroism and friendship. But they also serve as fables and warnings, often telling stories of betrayal, restraint, and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. Through animation or epic live-action fantasy, cinema has proven adept at bringing these stories to audiences in a modern spectacle.

10/10 Hercules is one of Disney’s best heroes

Unofficial Disney Prince - Hercules

Although Disney and heroism have become synonymous with Marvel superhero movies, Hercules once held that distinction. Based on the Greek mighty hero Heracles, Hercules himself is the son of Zeus and his favorite child.

The Disney animated film told a more humorous version of the story of Hercules, seeing the hero lifted from his dead body and on a quest to reclaim it. During his epic journey of heroism and battle against Hades, Hercules falls in love with Meg – though he is unaware of her true motivation.

9/10 The immortals told the old story of Theseus

Immortal movie

Immortals Follows the story of the Greek hero Theseus (Henry Cavill) in a more grounded story that pits him against the villainous warrior king Hyperion. As the evil king seeks to expand his rule, Theseus leads a small group against the king in search of the Epirus bow.

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From the battle with the Minotaur to the punishment of the fearsome Brazen bull, Immortals puts a new spin on the classic Greek myth to create an original story. As Theseus leads his friends, he is aided by the gods in their battle against Hyperion, who intends to release the Titans into the world.

8/10 Beowulf was a great animated epic of mythological poetry

beowulf cropped

Ray Winstone’s animated portrayal of the legendary hero Beowulf was an underrated fantasy epic that saw him battle the monster Grendel. Based on an ancient poem about a hero’s achievement, Beowulf proves himself to be a cunning warrior who made himself into one.

Taking place in the later years of Beowulf’s life, it sees him age from a young hero to an old king, whose past mistakes haunt him. Eventually, his greatest flaw comes back as a dragon, and Beowulf, the old king, must save his people before it’s too late.

7/10 DragonHeart showed listeners what it means to be a knight

of the year 1996 Dragon Heart (starring Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery) unites an outcast night-turned-dragon slayer with one of the world’s last dragons. Originally a mentor to a young prince, Bowen (Caid) seeks the help of a noble dragon to save his friend by lending him part of his heart.

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The story moves several years later, with the prince now a corrupt king and Bowen, a frustrated knight without a purpose. When he teams up with the dragon Draco, Bowen is reminded of his duty, and the unlikely friends set out to save the helpless from their tyrannical king.

6/10 The mummy used a joke from an ancient Egyptian myth

Brendan Fraser with binoculars in The Mummy

of the year 1999 mummy Helped propel Brendan Fraser into his heyday of stardom, and inspired two sequels. Beginning with a fictional retelling of ancient Egyptian history, it follows the wicked priest Imhotep and his love affair with the pharaoh’s wife Ank-su-namun.

Using everything from a mummy’s curse to a dynamic pantheon of Egyptian gods, it was a big adventure horror story. After the heroes accidentally revive the mummified Imhotep, the monstrous creature wreaks havoc, bringing the Ten Plagues back to Egypt.

5/10 Troy gave life to the ancient war story

Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy

In the epic war movie The War of Troy, Brad Pitt led a star-studded cast as the legendary hero Achilles. Leading his army against the forces of Troy, Achilles fought a fierce battle against the island nation, coming close to victory against the Trojans.

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As Achilles continues to prove himself the greatest warrior in battle, he defeats the heroes of Troy one by one. All the Hollywood recreations of the stories contained within Homer The Iliad, Troy was one of the most action-packed and intense films of all time.

4/10 King Arthur tells the king of Camelot’s greatest battle

King Arthur 2004 Cast Photo

After Clive Owen stepped in as the infamous Celtic King, King Arthur Told the story of the Knights of the Round Table in their twilight years. The knights are sent by the Roman rulers on their last mission to rescue the family of a Roman priest and bring them back before they gain their freedom.

As Camelot’s court numbers dwindle, Arthur and his knights prepare for an impending attack by Saxon raiders. Ruthless warriors chase the knights across Britain, and the knights prove themselves heroic several times on the journey.

3/10 Clash of the Titans brought the myth of Perseus and the Kraken to the screen

Clash of the Titans 1981

The original 1981 edition of the Clash of the Titans Perseus follows Princess Andromeda on her journey to rescue and conquer the Kraken. The legendary Greek hero divides the gods, some choosing to help while others hinder his numerous quests and battles with demons.

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Despite the 2010 remake, the original Clash of the Titans The spectacle deserves more recognition for its substance than its newer counterparts. The original delved much deeper into the mythology and did a better job of explaining the motivations of its characters.

2/10 300 is an epic battle against the odds

Gerard Butler as Leonidas I, screaming in the middle of battle, the fallen Spartans lay behind him.

Zack Snyder’s visually stunning adaptation of Frank Miller’s old war-based comic book, 300, brings an exaggerated version of the Persian invasion of Greece. Watching the warrior-king Leonidas lead his 300 soldiers to the Hot Gates was a great David and Goliath story.

The film followed a more mythological interpretation of the battle, exaggerating the skill and power of the Spartans and Persians. The film holds up as a great action movie, showcasing Snyder’s excellent use of some of his signature slow-motion fight scenes.

1/10 Jason and the Argonauts is one of the best Greek myth movies

Jason and the Argonauts

The story of Jason, the Argonauts, and their quest for the Golden Fleece sees the eponymous crew embark on a fantastic journey across the known world. As the gods look on in amusement—as Greek gods often do in mythology—the heroes battle creatures and face dangers on their journey.

Although the film’s effects may seem dated with its use of stop motion, the story is still the greatest on-screen Greek myth ever told. Its use of monsters, heroism, betrayal, and an incredible journey will bring fans nothing less than an epic adventure.

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