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George Clooney Is a beloved leading man in Hollywood, making his debut in the hit TV drama ER, Before her first major Hollywood role From dusk to dawn (1996). Clooney would go on to be nominated for several Best Actor Oscars at the Academy Awards, and would win one for Best Supporting Actor. Syriana (2005), which incidentally is not on this list.

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Of course, he is beloved for many roles, but it is almost impossible to exclude his infamous role as Bruce Wayne/Batman when discussing his filmography. Joel Schumacherwho Batman and Robin (1997). That role aside, most of Clooney’s catalog has a great mix of comedy and drama. Often opting for a hybrid of both in the same movie.

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‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001), Tomatometer: 83%; Audience Score: 80%

Ocean's Eleven

A remake of the original Ocean 11 (1960) with rat packs Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Peter Lawfordand Joey Bishop. Clooney plays the titular Danny Ocean alongside other A-listers Bard Pit, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Julia Robertslate Bernie Mac and others.

Ocean and his crew plan an elaborate heist to rob multiple Las Vegas casinos owned by Terry Benedict.Andy Garcia), who is dating Ocean’s ex, Tess (Roberts). The reboot spawned two more spinoffs with the original team, and another spinoff, Ocean 8 (2018).

‘Hail, Caesar’ (2016), Tomatometer: 86%; Audience Score: 44%

Hail, Caesar

One of the most forgotten films written and directed by one of the greats Coen Brothers. Hail, Caesar! is a musical black comedy period piece set in the 1950s, revolving around a real-life Hollywood fixer Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) and the kidnapping of actor Baird Whitlock (Clooney), the star Hail, Caesar! The story of Christ.

This is the largest gap between the Tomatometer and Audience scores on the Rotten Tomatoes website, but the film received good critical reviews and also performed well at the box office with a net of around $40 million. It’s definitely weird, and you have to have an open mind to go into it.

‘The Descendants’ (2011), Tomatometer: 87%; Audience Score: 79%


children Follows Matt King (Clooney), a Honolulu-based attorney, as he tries to navigate around whether to sell or keep 25 acres of very profitable land for his family. When he finds out that his wife, now unconscious and dying, cheated on him.

Regarding the king’s acceptance of his wifeShailene WoodleyAccepting her death while feeling the pressure to sell land for money from family and others or to stay true to her ancestral property and work around Sada’s rule, while also overcoming her children’s problems. The film earned Clooney his third Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

‘Up in the Air’ (2009), Tomatometer: 90%; Audience Score: 79%

up in the air

Clooney plays Ryan, an HR representative who specializes in employee-termination consulting for other companies. Ryan flies all over the country conducting lay-offs, and is almost always on the plane. Her company Natalie (Anna Kendrick) for a video conference lay-off, which he thinks is a bad idea.

Ryan and Anna challenge each other’s philosophies and perspectives, while Ryan explores his relationship with Alex (Vera Farmiga), a similar traveling businesswoman whom he meets in various cities. The movie really hopes for a happy ending, but sometimes things don’t always end that way. The film earned Clooney his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

‘Michael Clayton’ (2007), Tomatometer: 91%; Audience Score: 69%

Michael Clayton

It is considered Clooney’s defining role, as it was his first film that earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Clooney plays the titular Michael Clayton, a fixer for a very prestigious law firm in New York City. Clooney is in debt and therefore deeply tied to the law firm, which puts him in the middle of a dangerous cover-up.

While fighting against his own law firm and agricultural conglomerate U-North, he comes face-to-face with hitmen, and scrapes past death several times. The movie is also shot in Media Res, with Clayton’s car exploding at the beginning.

‘Out of Sight’ (1998), Tomatometer: 94%; Audience Score: 74%

out of sight

Clooney plays another master thief and career criminal, Jack Foley, opposite love interest but enemy Karen Sisko (Jennifer Lopez). Foley is the biggest bank robber in the country, but Paul is thrown into prison after an attempted robbery, and now has to escape from prison.

When he does, he seduces Cisco, who fantasizes about him. Jack teams up with people who aren’t as professional as he is to try to steal the diamond from the house, and things quickly unravel. This is another strong heist movie under Clooney’s belt.

‘Good Night and Good Luck’ (2005), Tomatometer: 93%; Audience Score: 83%

Good night and good wishes

Written, directed and starring George Clooney is a historical drama between journalists Edward Murrow And the senator Joseph McCarthy During the Red Scare epidemic, and how McCarthy accused Murrow of being a communist live on his show.

Murrow duked it out with McCarthy, denying his claims and suggesting that McCarthy was merely trying to instill fear in Americans, which of course is true. Murrow and CBS eventually won the journalistic conflict with McCarthy, as the US Senate investigated him.

‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (2009), Tomatometer: 93%; Audience Score: 85%

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Directed by stop-motion animated film Wes Anderson And based on the children’s novel by Puranani Roald Dahl. Mr. Fox was a thief, stealing from three farmers, but he gave up that life and became a newspaper columnist.

But when Mr. Fox returns to a life of stealing from the farmers, he not only loses his tail, but puts his children, wife, and community at risk from the three farmers. It is a super unique movie with great animation, great story and great performances all around.

‘Three Kings’ (1999), Tomatometer: 94%; Audience Score: 77%

three kings

A group of clowns cast, Mark Wahlberg, ice cubeand Spike JonzeThe film takes place in the aftermath of the Gulf War as these four soldiers search for gold in and against Iraq Saddam Hussein. The movie turns to a rescue mission after Troy (Wahlberg) is captured by Iraqi soldiers.

Directed the movie David O. Russell, is praised for its seamless blend of storytelling, action sequences and naturally comic dialogues. All characters are unique, and three kings Stands out as a top notch war film.

‘Gravity’ (2013), Tomatometer: 96%; Audience Score: 79%


A unique two-star space thriller, Clooney stars as veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski. Sandra Bullock Kowalski is escorting Dr. to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. As Ryan Stone.

When space debris caused by the Russians causes massive damage to everything around them, they both have to think fast and fight to survive in the void of space. It’s an incredibly tense movie, with Clooney and Bullock showing tons of chemistry together and flexing their acting chops.

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