Terrifier 3 might be so big it splits into two movies | Jobi Cool

After this September interlude, “Terrifier 2” has proven itself to be a hit, witnessing a phenomenal growth of nearly 84% at the box office in its third week out. So, it’s no surprise that Lyon’s plan for a threequel is still on his mind, and apparently they’re a little too uncomfortable to include in one movie. In an interview with Variety, he said the next film would have to be cut in two to prevent a longer runtime. “I have the whole treatment ready for ‘Part 3’, but it’s getting so big that it might be split into ‘Part 4’ because I don’t want to make another 2 hour 20 minute movie,” Leone said. , referring to the length of the second Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton)-centric flick. “So we’ll see.”

The second “Terrifier” film was certainly mysterious enough to warrant future installments: It introduced a mysterious pale girl (Emily McClane) and ended with a dark, mind-bending birth scene, none of which was fully explained. Apparently, there’s a reason for that: “I had ‘Part 3’ in mind when I wrote Part 2,” the filmmaker told Variety . “There are a lot of questions brought up in ‘Part 2’ that aren’t answered, and that was part of the design because I know I’m going into ‘Part 3’.”

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