Special Black Friday offer: get up to $825 off Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series | Jobi Cool

TechRadar readers are among the lucky few to get early access to Samsung’s Black Friday deals on the Galaxy S22 lineup this week, which include up to $225 off as well as an additional $600 off. (opens in a new tab) by trade-in.

Under these terms, you can now get a whopping $825 off the unlocked Galaxy S22 Ultra, $650 off the Galaxy S22 Plus, and $450 off the Galaxy S22 – combined, some of the best deals we’ve seen on these devices since. launched early this year.

While the biggest savings will be available to those trading in an old device here, it’s worth noting that the upfront discount offered by the retailer isn’t tied to a trade-in specifically. In short, you don’t have to hand in that old device to gain access to a new S22 for one of the lowest upfront prices all year.

Note that today’s Samsung Black Friday deals are technically a preview of a wider sale that goes down on Friday next week. TechRadar readers get the same early access level as those who signed up for the retailer’s pre-registration feature in the past week (opens in a new tab) or so. If you weren’t visiting this page right now (or pre-registered), you wouldn’t be able to get these Black Friday Galaxy S22 deals for an entire week!

Visiting outside the US? See today’s Galaxy S22 deals in your area below.

Samsung Galaxy Black Friday Deals

While the Galaxy S22 line is coming to the end of its reign as Samsung’s top devices (we’ll likely see the S23 in early 2023), all three devices are easily the best phones you can buy right now.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra in particular has won the Phone of the Year award due to its incredible fusion of advanced design and near-flawless functionality. It’s expensive, but we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a device that has an exceptional display, plenty of power, and one of the best cameras you’ll find on a mobile phone.

Alternatively, if you’re not sold on these early Samsung launches, you might want to bookmark our main Black Friday phone deals page, where we’ll round up all the best options from rival brands like Apple and Google. For this retailer’s promotions on TVs and laptops, visit our main Black Friday Samsung deals page.

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