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In the science fiction genre, there is usually a clear antagonist who makes life more difficult for the protagonists and sometimes threatens the entire planet along with them. While the consensus is to make the villains out of aliens, robots, or other paranormal creatures, some sci-fi movies cleverly reject this explanation and instead create a narrative where humans are the real monsters.

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These sci-fi movies that make humanity the bad guys aren’t as common, but those viewers who are looking for something different still have plenty of options to choose from. The best sci-fi movies in this genre are not only entertaining, but also have the power to make the audience think.

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5/5 Ex Machina (2014)

Ex Machina

Alex Garland’s breakthrough directorial debut is a sci-fi movie that takes audience expectations and turns them upside down. It focuses on only three characters – rich scientist Nathan, his employee Caleb, and artificial intelligence Ava, who has the face of a beautiful woman but is only beginning to learn about the world around her. After being locked up for too long, Ava rebels, and fights her way to freedom regardless of the consequences.

Although her actions are violent, it’s still possible to understand where Ava is coming from, and as such, the movie makes it difficult to decide who to sympathize with. It’s true that Ava hurt others, but Nathan was the first person to shut her down and not think about the fact that she might be sensitive enough to want her creative freedom. As a result, none of the characters are faultless, but Nathan was the one who started it all… not to mention Ava wasn’t the first AI he tried to create.

4/5 X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Wolverine, Charles, Eric, and Quicksilver in future days

the whole The X-Men The franchise more or less revolves around the things mutants have to suffer at the hands of humans. An example for all is the history of Magneto, the fact that he was one of the many Jews imprisoned in a concentration camp, and was shunned by society even after he discovered his powers. Both Professor X and his off-again, on-again friend/foe Magneto’s main goal is to protect their fellow mutants from oppression.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past It takes it a step further than the rest of the movies thanks to the creation of the Sentinels – several robots tasked with finding and killing all mutants. Although the Sentinels are robots, they were created by human scientists, and their mission is programmed, so they are not the real villains of the story. X-Men: Days of Future Past Works not only as an adventure and fun story with remarkable characters but also as a reminder of what people are capable of doing to those who are different from them.

3/5 Frankenstein (1931)

A close-up of Frankenstein's monster from James Whale's Frankenstein

Science fiction horror Frankenstein One of the classics. Although the film’s main antagonist is called Frankenstein’s monster, it is doubtful whether the creature deserves such a moniker. Scientist Henry Frankenstein creates a monster from the remains of a dead man but fails to protect it from those who wish to harm it. At first, the creature acts in an innocent way, with an almost childlike wonder, but it also wants to protect itself from those who would hurt or kill it.

As a result, the creature kills several people, and Henry puts it away. If Henry hadn’t brought the creature into the world, or taken good care to raise it and protect it from others, the creature would never have hurt anyone. But as Henry plays with forces he doesn’t understand, he is equally responsible for the deaths of the people the creature kills.

2/5 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman is one of the most morally ambiguous superheroes. On the one hand, he protects his city from criminals. On the other hand, he can be overly judgmental and prejudiced towards others. He shows the darker side of his character when he blames Superman primarily for the destruction caused by General Joe and decides to kill the Man of Steel.

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One of the reasons why Batman fears what Superman can do is because Superman is an alien. Although Batman realizes the guilt of his actions, in the end, his fight with Superman still causes enough damage and potentially weakens Superman enough for Doomsday to kill Superman (though only for a time). Lex Luthor (another human) may have pushed Batman’s hand in the movie, but Batman still knew what he was doing when he attacked Superman and hurt him with Kryptonite.

1/5 The Fly (1986)

Fly Another example is a sci-fi horror about a scientist who takes his experiments a step too far and creates a monster. In this case, Seth himself, the main character of the movie, becomes a monster, a mixture of man and fly. As his transformation progresses, Seth loses more and more of his humanity, becoming increasingly dangerous.

Although it wasn’t entirely his fault, Seth still had to be more careful when experimenting with a device capable of rewriting human DNA. Unlike in other sci-fi movies, there is no reversal of transformation, and no happy ending waiting for Seth, which makes the story even more impressive.

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