Royal Enfield with an impressive 145% sales growth till September 2022 | Jobi Cool

Royal Enfield sales increased by 145% in September 2022. The Indian manufacturer has gained a lot of momentum this year, with September 2022 sales figures reaching an impressive 82,097 units in the global market. This is a huge jump compared to the 33,529 motorcycles sold in September 2021.

Looking closer to the Indian market, Royal Enfield sold 73,646 units in September 2022, up from 21,233 units during the same period in 2021. Thus, in the Indian market alone, the manufacturer has seen a growth of 170%. On the other hand, the number of motorcycles exported by Royal Enfield increased from 6,296 in September 2021 to 8,451 in September 2022. The impressive sales figures of the brand are probably due to the recent launch of motorcycles like Scram 411 and Hunter 350. Very good reviews after going on sale.


Talking about new launches, Royal Enfield has just unveiled the Hunter 350, the brand’s most affordable motorbike. The Hunter 350 features an updated 349cc single-cylinder engine and the same frame as the Classic and Meteor 350. Unlike other bikes, the Hunter has simpler ergonomics and overall sportier features.

Given the success of the Royal Enfield in recent times, the brand shows no signs of slowing down, with several new models in the pipeline. Building primarily on the 350 range, which has proven successful in the Asian market. Royal Enfield is expected to launch the Bullet 350 very soon, adding one more model to the existing three 349cc range. Apart from this, other new models, such as a cruiser based on the Interceptor 650 model as well as the much-anticipated Himalaya 450, are expected to be introduced soon.

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