Royal Enfield Classic 350 Long Term Review: 9000km Report | Jobi Cool

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Action

The engine of the new Classic 350 is undoubtedly its biggest highlight, mainly for its refinement and tractability. From rumbling aggressively at high speeds, the motorcycle has given off almost no vibes above 100 kmph. That said, it’s most enjoyable at slower speeds. Cruising around 40kmph in fifth gear in the city, with its thumping sound, is a relaxed and comfortable affair. And when you gas it up from there, the pull is clean and free of any vibration. The easy-to-operate gearbox only adds to its city drivability.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 POV

The Classic 350 is also a good handler, especially considering its hefty 195kg curb weight. While it’s not easy to push around in the parking lot, it feels easy on the go. And after getting used to its mildly lazy reflexes, you can easily flick it through tight gaps in traffic. Where it really shines though is around the corner. Obviously, it’s not as nimble as the KTMs, for example. But if you take the turns smoothly, it leans in beautifully and sticks to its line without drama. After several twisty weekend rides in Lonavla, I had become confident enough to tip it to the extent of scraping the pegs around tight turns. It’s only when you get too aggressive with your change of direction in corners that the rear end feels a little scrappy.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Rear View Mirror

Reliability is another strong suit of the Classic. In the eight months we’ve had it, it hasn’t stalled on us or leaked any fluids. Also, thanks to its solid build quality, none of the panels or components ever made any strange noises, although I subject it to some rough roads almost daily. The only minor problem I encountered from day one was the reluctance of the mirror to stay in the position I would set them in. The round end of the mirror was always bent down from the ball joint socket, and the service personnel never were. Able to resolve the issue. Also, after the bike covered about 5,000 km the clutch became stiff and squeaky, but it was only a matter of replacing the clutch cable.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Right Side View

I would also include the design as one of its USPs. Since the Classic was born in 2008, its design has remained almost the same, even in its latest incarnation. Despite this, it is very popular for its simplicity and beauty. The minimal body panels and rounded design theme give it such a clean and classy look. The top-end chrome trim, in particular, looks so tasteful with a generous dose of chrome that I’ll glance at the bike after its weekend washing sessions.

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