Patrick Peterson’s 2nd pick in the game seals the deal for the Vikings | Jobi Cool

Minnesota’s defense experienced ups and downs all afternoon, working to contain Allen, former Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs and quarterback Devin Singletary.

There were some mistakes along the way, the Vikings were at one point 17 points behind. But the village never gave up.

“There was a lot going on. We were just trying to settle in, trying to get to work,” Eric Kendricks said. “We just kept fighting. People counted us out, but we came back.”

Kendricks also played in one of the crazier moments of the day.

With just 49 seconds left on the clock and the Bills leading 27-23, Allen grabbed the snap in the end zone. The loose pigskin was recovered by Kendricks, which counted as a touchdown for Minnesota. The Vikings unfortunately allowed the Bills to drive down and kick an onside kick, leading to overtime.

“We just tried to keep going,” Kendricks said. “At one point I just stopped looking at the scoreboard, I just knew we had to go back out there and stop them.

“We just keep fighting. Everyone is bought in, everyone calm on the sidelines, everyone together,” he added. “We’re just getting the job done.”

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