Opinion | Renaming streets for individuals won’t resolve the issue | Jobi Cool

Concerning the Jan. 12 Metro article, “Alexandria tries to hurry up renaming of its Accomplice streets”:

I am positive the Alexandria metropolis authorities has its coronary heart in the fitting place in its efforts to expedite the renaming of the town’s 41 streets from these of former Accomplice leaders to names of “honorable” individuals and locations. The Alexandrian officers who intentionally gave these thoroughfares such names within the Nineteen Fifties (about 100 years after the Civil Conflict) definitely mustn’t have referred to them as such. It’s disgraceful that the town authorities has allowed such “Misplaced Trigger” symbolism to enter the town’s geographic grid in hopes of sustaining the vile political established order.

As anybody who has visited Outdated City can attest, Alexandria’s founders correctly gave their streets decidedly impartial names like King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, and Royal as early as 1749 (about 100 years after the English Civil Conflict). Any resident no matter political persuasion (besides possibly a roundhead) may stroll on these cobblestones with out offense. Alternate names for these 41 Accomplice streets may observe the identical intelligent sample and simply be generic ranks or titles like admiral, colonel, president, senator, and so on.

For those who do not need to must consistently change your maps and instructions to keep away from offense, it is most likely greatest to go normal. Lasts for much longer.

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