Nine 30s Rock fake movies, ranked by how absurd they sound | Jobi Cool

Tina Fey’s critically acclaimed series, 30 Rock, All about fake show business TGSA sketch comedy series that bears many similarities to NBC Saturday Night Live. Like reality SNL Cast, cast members TGS Actors on the silver screen often dip their feet in the water. Jenna and Tracy each star in their fair share of fantasy movies throughout the series, though most of them sound like fever dreams.

Here are some of the best fake movies 30 Rockincluding some stars TGSOwn Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan, in the category of least to most absurd.

Tracy stars in the movie Aunt Fatso looking like Jack Donaghy

(Image credit: NBC)

9. Tracy Jordan’s Aunt Fatso’s Jack Donaghy’s We At It Again

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