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Anthony Alabi and Tia Mori, Family Reunion

Anthony Alabi and Tia Mori, Family reunion


This one Family reunion List of Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows on Friday, October 28 The sitcom, which recently returned for episode 5, rejoined the rankings at number 5 today. For something completely different, check out the other newcomers to the list: Earthquake, a documentary about natural disasters through the eyes of storm chasers and survivors. Meanwhile, Polish religious horror film Hellhole First up on the Top 10 Movies list, coming up on the 7th as we head into the weekend before Halloween.

But as we all know, popular doesn’t mean good. Below, we list the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix and give our quick opinion on whether or not they’re really worth watching. We’ve added what’s new on Netflix today so you can find out what will be on the top 10 list tomorrow.

New Netflix shows and movies today

  • All quiet on the western front: This German film adapts the classic World War I novel for the screen.
  • The bastard son and the devil himself: This fantasy series follows the son of a dangerous witch.
  • big mouth Season 6: Puberty rages in the new season of the adult animated comedy.
  • Drinking Masters: Mixologists compete to stir up innovative cocktails.
  • I am a hunter: These true-crime documentaries feature first-hand accounts from hunters and survivors.
  • If only: A woman in a hopeless marriage gets a chance to redo the last decade of her life.
  • Indian Hunter: Killing in Court: The title sums it up: This is the true story of a brutal poacher’s murder in a courtroom in 2004.
  • My encounter with evil: Unfortunately this docs about demonic possession isn’t about people looking for a great Paramount+ show. evil (Also about demonic possession).
  • Wendell and Wilde: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele reunite in this stop-motion film about monster brothers.
  • Wild is the wind: This South African film explores racial tensions in a segregated town.

Today’s Top 10 Netflix TV Shows

Daniel Deadwiler, from scratch

Daniel Deadwiler, from scratch

Jessica Brooks/Netflix

1. Love is blind

For fans: Human drama, complete emotional chaos
Is it good?: With Season 3 coming out a few months after Season 2, we’re feeling some diminishing returns
Trailer Yesterday’s Rank: 1

2. watchman

For fans: Good actors, suspenseful verses, real estate, AHS: Murder House
Is it good?: This is a very loose, addictive page-turner with an excellent cast
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 2

3. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

For fans: Tales from the CryptBlood, monster
Is it good?: It’s fun and scary
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 4

4. from scratch

For fans: Crying fell in love and cried a little
Is it good?: It takes you away
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 3

5. Family reunion

For fans: earlier sitcoms
Is it good?: This is a sweet show that will remind you a lot of your favorite family comedies
Trailer Yesterday’s Rank: n/a

6. Dahmer – The Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer

For fans: The Ryan Murphy Effect, True Crime
Is it good?: It’s charming, but like most Ryan Murphy shows, it has serious flaws
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 5

7. Unsolved Mysteries

For fans: Strange but true stories, serious documentaries
Is it good?: This is not journalismBut it is something
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 6

8. the sinner

For fans: Bill Pullman solving disturbing mysteries
Is it good?: Yes, it was always an underrated crime drama
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 7

9. Blacklist

For fans: Twists, James Spader talking James Spader
Is it good?: This is a solid network thriller that is fun and funny
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 9

10. Earthquake

For fans: The Weather Channel but Netflix
Is it good?: This is a harrowing documentary about natural disasters
Trailer Yesterday’s Rank: n/a

More on Netflix:

Today’s Top 10 Netflix Movies

Jessica Chastain, The Good Nurse

Jessica Chastain, good nurse

JoJo Wilden / Netflix

1. good nurse

For fans: Great actors, tense medical dramas, true crime
Is it good?: It is a smart thriller with great performances
Trailer Yesterday’s Rank: 1

2. A school for good and bad

For fans: The hero/villain binary, Charlize Theron
Is it good?: This isn’t Paul Feig’s best directorial venture, that’s for sure
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 2

3. 47 Ronin’s Blade

For fans: samurai fantasy movies, John Wick
Is it good?: This is a direct-to-DVD-quality sequel to the 10-year-old movie.
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 3

4. Chalk line

For fans: Thriller, Scary Kids
Is it good?: The Spanish film has got some good vibes, but that’s it
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 5

5. Sing 2

For fans: Singing animals, famous voices, popular music
Is it good?: Kids absolutely love it
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 4

6. Despicable me 2

For fans: Minions
Is it good?: Actually, sure
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 6

7. Hellhole

For fans: Exorcist, an omenAll your favorite religious horror films
Is it good?: This polish is terrible
Trailer Yesterday’s Rank: n/a

8. disgust me

For fans: Minions
Is it good?: This is the movie that started it all, and it’s so cute
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 10

9. The Curse of the Bridge Hollow

For fans: Goofy Halloween movies, from Erica unfamiliar things
Is it good?: Not really, but it has some laughs and a good cast
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 8

10. Lucky girl alive

For fans: Mediocre Netflix Thriller, Mila Kunis, Trauma
Is it good?: This is a true story of perseverance
Trailer Yesterday’s rank: 9

List of Netflix’s top 10 TV shows and movies based on new releases for Friday, October 28

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Julia Garner, Ozark

Julia Garner, The Ozarks

Tina Rowden/Netflix

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