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Neil Gaiman revealed that he loves doing his own adaptations Black Orchid Comedy series, it does not depend on him.

In response to a fan on Tumblr, who was hopeful that popularity Sandman Will lead to Netflix Black Orchid screen adaptation, Gaiman shared the disappointing news. “I like that a lot. But it’s owned by DC Comics, and it would take Warner Movies to make a vaguely feminist vague eco-crime drama about a woman in purple flowers that would fly to do it.”

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Gaiman did not create Black Orchid, which appeared first Adventure comedy #428 in 1973, but was responsible for the character’s impressive relaunch in 1988. That 3-issue miniseries, written by Gaiman and illustrated by Dave McKean, fleshed out the character significantly and gave her an origin story for the first time — before that, she was famous for her background, no civilian name. In addition to naming her Susan Linden-Thorne, Gaiman was responsible for establishing her as a human-plant hybrid similar to Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy.

Black Orchid Gamson’s first time working for DC, and the limited series reportedly gave him the opportunity to write his most famous comic series, Sandman. Gaiman and McKean’s series also caused a Vertigo Black Orchid title, although no creative duo was involved. The character was later rebooted into New 52 era as a member of the Justice League Dark, with a new name (Alba Garcia), a new origin story, and different powers. This version has appeared in animated films Justice League Dark (2017) and Justice League Dark: Battle of Apokolips (2020), Voiced by Colleen O’Shaughnessey.

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Before the current Netflix adaptation SandmanA character from the series was adapted for TV in 2016 lucifer, which ran for three seasons on Fox and three more seasons on Netflix. Another adaptation of Gaiman’s comics work, dead boy detectives, Streaming on HBO Max. Gaiman recently shared some early support for the show, saying, “It’s great. I’ve seen the pilot. I’ve read the scripts. Very good.”

Many of Gaiman’s novels have also seen adaptations for the big screen stardust, A 2004 movie starring Daredevilof Charlie Cox, and the critically acclaimed 2009 animated movie Coraline. On television, an adaptation of Gaiman’s novel American Gods Aired for three seasons on Starz, and a spinoff of the book Anansi boys Now it is being turned into a series of Prime Video. good sign, A second season is coming to Prime Video in 2023, based on the novel by Gaiman and the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

Sandman Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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