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Movies are a special part of the human experience; They allow viewers to enter the lives, trials and tribulations of a wide variety of people around the world. On special occasions, a movie can put the audience in the character’s shoes and take them through a heartwarming story that leaves a huge impression of validation, struggle, and a heavy feeling associated with the character’s journey.

the whaleStars the gorgeous Brendan Fraser in the comeback role of Charlie, a socially awkward and reserved English teacher who struggles with obesity. Charlie sets out to change his life for fear of going too far and losing everything, especially his daughter, whom he has barely had aquatin with in the last few years of her life. the whale It’s an incredibly touching film with a heart-wrenching story elevated by Fraser’s performance. There aren’t many movies that measure the emotional weight of whale, But viewers can get the same experience from some of the best movies below.

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7/7 Raymond and Ray

Raymond and Ray tells a story about two brothers who come together years later for their father’s funeral. The film tells a moving account of abuse, depression, and reconciliation with comedic undertones that lighten the heavy load on the subtext.

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Ewan McGregor from Kenobi Star Wars The series stars alongside Ethan Hawke as Raymond and Ray. The two show impeccable chemistry and big-screen presence during the film’s powerful moments, and every joke comes across pleasantly. Ray and Raymond are surprised by their father’s final request to dig his grave, and in the time spent, old feelings resurface and they are forced to deal with a wave of emotional baggage.

6/7 honey boy

honey boy is a somewhat biographical piece written by and starring Shia LeBeouf. The movie tells the story of an actor, Otis Lort, who struggles with alcoholism and finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Ordered into rehab, Otis undergoes therapy and discusses his childhood and difficult life as a child artist and the pressures placed on him.

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LeBeouf plays a character modeled after his father and portrays a complex man with delusions of grandeur as he pushes his son to succeed where he failed. honey boy A brilliant look at trauma and addiction, and what it takes to dig yourself out of the hole you’ve dug yourself into.

5/7 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri

Frances McDormand plays the iron-willed Mildred Hayes, out for justice in the unsolved case of her daughter’s assault and murder. Mildred strongly criticizes the lack of effort in her daughter’s case and becomes a domineering member of the small town of Ebbing, Missouri.

Mildred rents three billboards criticizing the Ebbing police force, particularly Police Chief Bill Willoughby, played by Woody Harrelson. Billboards outside of Ebbing Missouri Highly praised as one of the best films of the last decade that epitomizes everything storytelling should be. Additionally, McDormand’s performance also stands above the most memorable roles. Both McDormand and the film won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Actress.

4/7 Birdman

Birdman A sweet story of a washed-up actor who tries to hang on to his success by producing a new live-stage work on Broadway. Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thompson, who rose to fame as a movie superhero but quickly fell from grace after the third movie in the franchise. Since then, Riggan has struggled with finances, his family, his career, and his mental health.

In a last ditch effort to take back some control, Riggan writes, produces and stars in the biopic; Things start to turn sour after the shock and push Riggan over the edge. Birdman Exaggerated is a film that tells a unique story in a great way.

3/7 way back

When a down-on-his-luck iron worker struggles to pull himself out of the gutter, he’s given the chance to turn his life around along with the lives of a dozen high school students. Ben Affleck is Jack Cunningham, a one-time star athlete with his whole future ahead of him, now with regrets and a marriage drowning in alcoholism.

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When entrusted with coaching his former school’s basketball team, Jack must make a shot at winning or lose what little he has left. Ben Affleck gives a tear-jerking performance and credits his dedication to the film to his own personal struggles with the weight of alcoholism and addiction. way back An incredible story of failure but never giving up on the future.

2/7 Hustle

Adam Sandler steps out of his comfort zone in this dramatic story about Stanley Sugarman, a basketball scout who works for the Philadelphia 76ers; Stanley has hit a wall after working long hours in his career, which has affected his family life.

In the end, Stanley finds the golden goose in the form of a foreign talent who can make a significant impact on the team; The following series of events is a rollercoaster ride stuck in a downward spiral as Stanley’s checkered past comes back to haunt him. Adam Sandler has been upping his game lately with a series of serious-toned performances, and Hustle is no different.

1/7 the moon

Highly acclaimed and recipient of multiple Academy Awards, the moon It is a film that tells a fictional story about the life of a young boy until he becomes a man. Chiron is the child of an addict and grows up in a rough neighborhood of Miami; Additionally, Chiron is struggling with his sexuality, and the only option for help is the local drug dealer. Chiron’s issues follow him into adolescence as the bullying he receives intensifies and gets him into trouble with the law.

Finally, the final arc of the movie revolves around Chiron as an adult, taking on the role of a local drug dealer and repressing his emotions, completely alienated from his friends and family. Chiron is given a chance to fix what’s broken by reaching out to his mother and the only person he’s ever been honest with.

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