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After a break of two years, Royal Enfield Rider Mania is back and Royal Enfield has created its own exclusive Motorverse.

The 12th edition of Rider Mania is all set to take place in Goa between 18th and 20th November 2022. A combination of motorcycles, music and art, Rider Mania has always attracted motorcycle enthusiasts. This year, Royal Enfield is introducing Motoville – a village guided by the narrative of Riding Cultures to Rider Mania. By doing so, Rider Mania will be divided into four segments, namely, MotoThrill, MotoVille, MotoSonic and MotoShop. Each segment will offer visitors some unique experience.


As the name suggests, this segment is about the thrill of motorsports. One can take a training session from CS Santosh (India’s first Dakar Rally participant) and also get a chance to ride on a track designed by him. Additionally, motorsport personalities like Nani Roma (Dakar Rally Champion), and Ashish Raorane (Dakar Rally Participant) along with CS Santosh will share their experiences, tips and tricks on how to ride off-road. The MotoThrill section will also have Dirt Track, Slide School, Trail School, Adventure Zone etc.


Movil consists of 4 zones: Exploration Zone, Custom Zone, Cruiser Zone, and Street Zone. One can join various art workshops conducted by experts in wildlife photography, sneaker customization, mural art, etc. Motoville will be home to the Royal Enfield Pop-Up Museum which will take you through the history of Royal Enfield. The UNESCO Arena will showcase the tribal tribes of the Himalayas and other aspects. Vikaranjit Ruproy (a noted author, educator, and heritage activist), Manish Mishra (one of the founding members of Photographers of India) and other eminent personalities will also share their experiences.


On the Motosonic section, there are also notable musicians such as the Tatsio Sisters, a quartet of sisters from Nagaland dedicated to the art and tradition of vocal folk music, Parvaaz, a band whose sound is often described as transcending musical categories. , can experience diverse cultural influences with A listener of spaces from folk to experimental. Brahm, a globally recognized Indian rapper also takes the stage in this celebration of diversity.


Apart from just motorcycles, this edition of Rider Mania also features a lot of action in the world of clothing. Royal Enfield will unveil a 1:3 scale model of its classic, a scaled-down and handcrafted representation of the original motorcycle. The Art of Motorcycling (AOM) Gallery in the Arts & Heritage section will display hand-picked designs from AOM’s first and second seasons. The Apparel MiY stall will have a live printing bay for t-shirts, master classes on helmet painting, live helmet painting etc.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor Revealed

Among other things, we are looking forward to the launch/India reveal of the new Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650. While there is no official announcement, we expect to see at least an India reveal at Rider Mania. The Super Meteor has garnered a lot of attention since its unveiling at EICMA in Italy. Rider Mania will be a great platform for Royal Enfield to reveal the anticipated motorcycle to Indian enthusiasts.

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