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Motorola Edge 30 Pro sets the benchmark for sub- 50,000 Android “flagship killers” to kill. Read on to know more about it.

Who would have thought that the Motorola brand would beat the dominant Chinese smartphone brands at their own game! After last year’s amazing Edge 20 Pro, Motorola is back with the Edge 30 Pro for 2022 – a high-end Android phone that comes at the right time and at the right price! Rs. 49,999, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro is incredibly good value on paper. The value is so good that Xiaomi can now shy away from using the “Honest Price” tag on their phones!

And, the Edge 30 Pro isn’t just good on paper! After spending a few days with it, it easily stands out as the best Android flagship killer you can buy in 2022, if the price stays where it is now (we all know how Motorola secretly beats prices). The user experience is second to none in its class and if Motorola’s homework isn’t duplicated its competitors need to sit up and take notice.

Is the Motorola Edge 30 Pro so good that you should go and buy it right away? Wait and read our review before you do.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Design

Motorola has been playing it safe with its smartphone designs this year, keeping a more understated profile with the Moto G and now the Moto Edge series. The Edge 30 Pro doesn’t look as glamorous as the Oppo Reno 7 Pro but with its combination of sleek curves, an oval-shaped camera hump that blends neatly into the body, and fancy color gradients, it has a compelling appeal. The Gorilla Glass 5 back with a matte finish resists scratches and smudges but likes to stick dust on itself. The front glass is the old Gorilla Glass 3 and has remained very scratch-less and has stood up to the rough Indian outdoors.

There is one problem though, and it’s not related to the plastic frame. Instead, it’s about the volume and power keys. Whether you have tall or short hands, both keys are well out of finger reach. Motorola says this helps with ergonomics, but this odd placement of the keys is annoying on a daily basis. Because the fingerprint sensor resides on the lock key.

Other than that, the Edge 30 Pro is one of the more comfortable phones I’ve used recently.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Display

Motorola has taken its headline-grabbing 144Hz OLED display from the Edge 20 Pro. So, the viewing experience on this phone is just as good as the older model. The 6.7-inch display with 20:9 aspect ratio is large enough for regular social media sessions, YouTube binging and occasional web show sessions on OTT apps. I didn’t notice any tinting issues and the screen is easy on the eyes under sunlight. Motorola could have gone for an LTPO display, as the auto refresh rate mode likes to stay above 60Hz and always goes to the full 144Hz which affects battery life.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Performance

This is where the Edge 30 Pro wins us over! This year’s hero chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, is present here and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering raw performance. Demand for games? You ask and the Edge 30 Pro runs them like a pro! Games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Shadow Fight 4: Arena can run at their full graphics settings without heating up like a pan on a cooking stove. Note that this could be due to the cold winter conditions in Delhi and it remains to be seen how this chip handles the same gaming tasks in the scorching summer. I say this because the phone heats up considerably during a 30 minute video call.

When you’re not doing such demanding tasks, the Edge 30 Pro is an absolute breeze to use – thanks to its superior Android experience. Motorola’s Android 12 skin, dubbed MyUX 3.0, appears to be an exact replica of the Material U theme on Google Pixel devices. You’ll see the same cartoonishly large notification toggles, fancy aesthetics, pretty icons and some fancy widgets. You can change the UI with custom color accents, new fonts, icon sizes and more. The only thing missing here is the phone’s ability to match the wallpaper’s icon colors – this is what the system does for icon accents.

And it’s not just looks. The user experience is sublime, the phone is an absolute joy to use on a daily basis. The animations are beautiful and there are no glitches, stuttering animations. Unlike its competitors, the UI is free of bloatware and adware. Pre-loaded apps are also limited to Facebook, Google apps and some Motorola apps. Samsung’s One UI looks messy in comparison!

Motorola promises two years of Android OS upgrades, which is decent, if not class-leading. Plus, you’ll get to see all of Motorola’s classic gestures and its smart version of the Always On Display. A big feature advertised by Motorola is Ready for but it is still limited to only Miracast supported devices. I tried the read feature for PC but I couldn’t download the required file for Windows.

The Edge 30 Pro also impresses with its audio performance. There’s a set of stereo speakers, which, while not as lively as the Xiaomi 11T Pro’s speakers, are loud enough to get the job done. Dolby Atmos tuning for the output makes the music listening experience great. Audio through the Bluetooth speaker and earbuds sounds much better than the iQOO 9 Pro; More expensive phones.

Taking calls on the Edge 30 Pro is also a pleasant experience, with Motorola’s signature Sidetone feature making it convenient to talk and listen at the same time. I did not face any connectivity issues on my Jio 4G connection and home Wi-Fi network. Network performance is rock solid.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Cameras

This is where the Edge 30 Pro falls down slightly. Motorola has adopted an Oppo-like approach to its camera tuning – oversaturated colors and high contrast. Whether it’s day or night, the camera likes to push the saturation to the point where it looks unnatural. For example, a photo of a bowl of chicken noodles at a restaurant looks more orange than its natural “brown” color. The same goes for daylight photos where colors are always enhanced. However, exposures are done well, and if you’re into bright photos, you’ll love the stills of the Edge 30 Pro.

Both the 50MP main and 50MP ultra-wide cameras have slightly different color profiles but the end results are pleasing enough for your social media needs. Pixel-peeping peeps (get the word?) may be unhappy with the “un-flagship-like” detail smudging; Both on all rear cameras and also on the front camera. The 60MP selfie camera is okay with facial details but has cooler color tones and a narrow focal plane – not ideal for group selfies. Macro mode is decent and in Ultra-Res 50MP mode, you can get some detail in daylight at the cost of more shadows.

Check out some sample images here

Video recording is good but not good by Android standards. 4K and 1080p videos have the same contrast and saturated look. There is also 8K video recording and it only looks decent in daylight.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Battery

A 144Hz display and a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip don’t raise concerns for the 4800mAh battery. However, I was impressed to see that the Edge 30 Pro endured the torture of an entire weekday and still dropped 30 percent battery on most days. Note that this torture included 2 hours of talk time, 2 hours of social media browsing and a lot of other regular phone stuff – except for gaming. With an hour of gaming thrown into the mix, you’ll probably need to charge the phone well into the evening.

Fortunately, Motorola has upgraded its charging system to a modern-day acceptable 68W solution, and a full charge from less than 10 percent battery takes around 40 minutes. You will get this 68W charger in the box. You also get 15W wireless charging support and 5W revere wireless charging support. Very few phones offer this kind of charging versatility at this price point.


If you have Rs. 50,000 to spend on a smartphone right now, the Motorola Edge 30 Pro is the best 2022 flagship killer you can get right now. Its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip is faster than any other phone sold at its price point, and the user experience is second to none if you value a no-nonsense clean Android experience. Battery life is also good and the 144Hz display is another draw for Netflix lovers. 68W fast charging with wireless charging is another boon.

The Edge 30 Pro, however, also has its fair share of shortcomings; So we call it a flagship killer, not a proper flagship. Camera performance is on par with more affordable midrange phones, and this appears to be a hardware-related limitation. Considering what Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and iQOO are doing with their phones, Motorola is very conservative with the design.

So, if cameras are your priority in this price range, the cheap Oppo Reno 7 Pro and Vivo X70 Pro can be good options for you. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is another well-rounded package at this price point with great cameras, a beautiful display and a solid user experience. Xiaomi 11T Pro and iQOO 9 are two options if you value fast charging speed.

However, it’s the Motorola Edge 30 Pro that grabs our attention for its overall performance and user experience; Thereby our top recommendation title/below Rs. 50,000.

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Motorola Edge 30 Pro


  • Excellent Android experience
  • Stellar performance
  • Good battery life

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