Marlon Wayans and Priya Ferguson on their love for horror movies and the lessons learned in Netflix’s ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’. | Jobi Cool

Marlon Wayans is back for another horror movie, but this time it’s kid-friendly for Netflix. The Curse of the Bridge HollowIt also stars Priya Ferguson.

“My mom crawled out of the theater,” Wayans said, reflecting on his first horror movie franchise debut in 2000. “She was like, ‘Damn, shame on you.’ And she walked out of the theater. Theo Scary movie And it was a hit, but it’s a very appropriate, family-friendly movie.”

“It’s so much fun. It’s got everything you could ever want.” Wayans told Shadow and Act in a recent interview.

“Some action, great special effects, a great story and lots of laughs,” The white chick The actor continued. “It feels good that I’ve been a dad for 22 years and I’ve finally made a good family-friendly kid’s movie, but my kids are too old to enjoy it. [it].”

The Curse of the Bridge Hollow Follows a father-daughter duo who “team up to save their town after an old and mischievous spirit wreaks havoc on their Halloween decorations.” Wayans plays the science-minded father of Ferguson’s teenage daughter Bri. Not only does the famous actor play the role of a parent, he is also accompanied by Kelly Rowland, Bri’s mother. Ferguson reveals what she learned from working with the two veterans for the new film.

“Marlon taught me a lot and [gave me] A lot of advice,” Ferguson said.

He added, “You know, the professionalism along the way and the ins and outs of the industry in general. Also, Kelly shared her experiences about what she had to deal with in the industry or creative business. I learned a lot from them just by watching and listening to them talk about the industry.”

As an avid horror moviegoer, Ferguson reflected on watching similar films Exorcist Along with his father and admitted to watching Wayans in horror movie installments.

“I watched most of Marlon’s scary Halloween movies,” he shared. “So I already knew how it would be similar in a way, but not really.”

Wayans, who also served as a producer on the film, says the film’s important message for parents is to “learn to let go with love.”

“You prepare them as best you can for this thing called life, and you have to allow it [your children] To make their own mistakes, they don’t have to take any risks, find out for themselves,” Waynes said.

“Just know that when they fall, you catch them and never say, ‘I told your ass not to climb that building.’ You have to let them be and accept them for who they are…what you want them to be,” he continued. “Their journey is for them and that’s all. We’re there to support them and let them be who they are.

The Curse of the Bridge Hollow Now available for streaming on Netflix.

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