Lionsgate Offers Retail Investors Starz Discounts, Movie Tickets, Perks – Deadline | Jobi Cool

Lionsgate has partnered with Tiicker, a pioneering platform for cultivating shareholder loyalty, to offer discounts and giveaways to retail investors in the studio’s film and TV brands. The goal is to turn individual fans of its franchises into stockholders.

The studio is the first Hollywood partner of the Detroit-based firm that has programs with Amazon, Carnival, Ford, GM, Whirlpool and others.

According to Lionsgate Vice President Michael Burns, the company’s less than 10,000 retail shareholders currently own less than 10% of the company. The shareholder base is largely institutional, as are most publicly traded companies—except for meme stocks like AMC Entertainment where individual stockholders often replaced institutions. Like many stocks in the media space, Lionsgate could use a boost.

Tiered perks at different levels of stock ownership, though the Tiicker platform includes a 50% discount for a one-year streaming subscription to Starz; Discounts on movie tickets in partnership with Atom Tickets; limited-edition Lionsgate commemorative shareholder certificates featuring movies and television series; discounts on a range of Lionsgate “events, experiences and merchandise”; and giveaways and sweepstakes for movie premieres or shareholders hosting hometown screenings.

Created in 2020, Tiicker lets shareholders redeem benefits by verifying stock ownership, after creating an account linked to their brokerage account.

Retail investors can communicate and interact directly on Tiicker, which provides extensive outreach, articles and insights that help investors discover publicly traded companies, a brand search engine to find the public companies behind their favorite brands, and a shareholder store e. A collection of Commercial sites.

From fandom to franchises there is The Hunger Games and the twilight who Dirty Dancing, Expendables, Ghost, Saw, strength, Now you can see me and mad man. The official trailer for John Wick: Chapter 4 It has more than 21 million views on YouTube, which dropped on November 10.

“This is a way for us to communicate directly with our shareholders, grow our shareholder base and have shareholders who are consumers of our products,” said Burns, who shepherded the project with Jennifer Brown, Lionsgate EVP and head of global products. Experiences.

One element of the program, stock certificates, has largely been replaced in the Internet age but, like vinyl, is making a comeback. Old stock certificates from The Walt Disney Company, Playboy or old railroads can be sold on e-Bay for hundreds of dollars.

“I think there are a lot of lovers the twilight. Why don’t they want to own it? [a certificate that is] artwork from the first movie?” Burns said. Credentials from later films in the franchise could create a set.

Jeff Lambert, Ticker’s founder and CEO, called Lionsgate’s shareholder rewards program “the most comprehensive suite of features and experiences ever offered by a public company.”

“Individual shareholders are loyal and want to be connected to the companies they own,” he said. “We are excited to begin our first partnership with a world-class Hollywood film and television studio and their millions of members and fans.”

The show goes live today. It comes as the company continues to divest the business by spinning off the studio into a separate public company.

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