Knives Out … Chris Evans Pays Price for Private Life | movie | Jobi Cool

TIt must be a wild celebration time for Chris Evans. Just a week ago, People magazine crowned him the Sexiest Man Alive of 2022. It’s an honor that only the greatest men on earth get (and Mel Gibson, and Johnny Depp twice), and it means that he now has to embark on a full calendar year of non-stop victories. But he is not. In fact, Evans has a terrible time of it. And it’s all for his stinking fans.

You see, it turns out that Evans has a girlfriend. He has a girlfriend for a year now: Alba Baptista, star of the TV series Warrior Nun. And now that the relationship has gone public, some of her fans are mad. On Sunday, the Twitter account TeamEvans_13 posted a message saying “We’re disappointed. We’re hurt” along with a long, long open letter to the actor. “At 30 years old, I basically grew up on your job,” it began. “You are the most genuine and genuine person I have ever seen in Hollywood. Your humility, your family, your friends, and your love [your dog] Dodger, your sense of responsibility to use your voice for good.

But then comes the twist. All those things in that message? Forget it. “Your fandom isn’t upset because you’re in a relationship,” it says. “Instead, it was the revelation of the relationship that made us feel betrayed by you. We feel betrayed by Chris as you lead us to believe.

The problem seems to be that, during press for The Gray Man, Chris Evans answered a question in an interview in a way that might suggest he is single. And this apparently led all his fans to believe that they might have a shot with him. But all this time, he was harboring a secret girlfriend. what a bastard “Feeling betrayed is not that you’re in a relationship,” the letter reiterated. “It’s a rude awakening that our trust in you is based on nothing but the lies you’re selling us… It’s like a child finding out Santa isn’t real.” And then, with a final swipe at Evans going out with a young woman to be his daughter, the letter ends.

Now, there are two ways to respond to this letter. The first is to go down the rabbit hole a bit and recognize that People’s Sexiest Man Alive is not a mathematically quantifiable prize. There aren’t teams of scientists sweating over data here. Publicists hire their clients for titles whether they have a project to promote or not. You’ll note that Paul Rudd’s win last year coincided with the launch of his TV show The Screen Next Door, for example.

Now, Evans doesn’t have a movie to promote, but Baptista does. She is in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, which is still playing worldwide. It is not inconceivable to suggest that Evans put himself forward for the award so that he could make his relationship with Baptista public later, shedding more light on his work in the film. If this is true, you can sort of understand why some fans might be put off by the scandalousness of the move.

Another way to respond to the letter is: Jesus Christ. jesus Christ. Fans ruin everything. Not content with pulling an ugly racist drag when someone from your precious fantasy series is played by a black person, or flooding the internet with negative reviews because a movie has a female lead, now they’re literally claiming ownership. Favorite artists do during the holidays. What a snotty, entitled, horrible way to conduct yourself.

Being famous doesn’t make being a fan any less attractive. Chris Evans should be living this life now, but instead he’s digging a bunker in his garden to get away from an army of dickheads. Everyone involved should feel nothing but utter shame, and I look forward to reading your tweets.

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