Kerala court bans playing of “Varah Roopam” in theaters, streaming platforms | Jobi Cool

A Kerala court has issued an order restraining the makers of the Kannada superhit film ‘Kantara’ from using the song ‘Varah Roopam’ in theaters and streaming platforms.

The Chief District Court of Kozhikode passed an ad-hoc injunction in a case filed by Kerala-based rock music band “Thaikudam Bridge”, which alleged that “Varaha Roopam” was plagiarized from its song “Navarasam”.

Advocate Satish Murthy, appearing for Thaikkudam Bridge, told Livel that the court made the order after recording preliminary satisfaction about the plaintiff’s case. An interim order has been issued against the producer, director and Kerala distributor of the film respectively Homble Films, Rishabh Shetty, Prithviraj Productions. Moreover, streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, Wynk Music, JioSaavn have also been banned from playing the song. The lawyer said copyright notices will also be served on YouTube to remove the song.

Murthy said Kantara’s music director Ajnish Loknath has publicly admitted that he was inspired by the song ‘Navarasam’. The plaintiff contends that the similarity between both the songs was not accidental or superficial but substantial and therefore, it is a case of conscious plagiarism as it is a violation of the rights guaranteed under the Copyright Act 1957. A detailed copy of the order is still available. to upload.

The story can be updated after the order is uploaded.

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