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Horror movie franchises have long struggled to maintain high ratings on critical websites like Rotten Tomatoes. Many early entries in franchises have been well-received, with a string of cheap sequels lowering both the overall score and public opinion of the series as a whole.

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This is mostly down to the fact that horror movies are easy and cheap to make. Good horror movies are few and far between. Rotten Tomatoes is often cruel to the genre, but there are a few franchises that have managed to avoid the pain of a bad Rotten Tomatoes critical score, even if it’s been shorter than other horror movie franchises.

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6/6 The Conjuring Trilogy

Vera Farmiga in Conjuring

Conjuring universe was one of the defining acts of horror movies of the 2010s. Attracting huge box office receipts and performing well with critics, Lorraine and Ed Warren’s adaptation of Paranormal Cases became a huge hit. Where spin off franchises are loved Annabelle and The Nun Rotten tomatoes, with the core may not always be successful Conjuring The universe has been a trilogy of movies about the Warren duo.

3rd entry despite low scoring Satan made me do it, the films are well-respected by critics and have never fallen below 50% on the overall website. broad Conjuring The cinematic universe has fared less well among critics, but, despite this mixed bag, the franchise remains strong. Three more films are currently planned in the cinematic universe, one of them being the fourth main entry. Conjuring suffrage

5/6 The Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead

Fans may be surprised to learn that Sam Raimi’s insane horror-comedy blend has maintained high scores from critics every time it’s been brought to the cinema or television screen. From the original two entries and Army of Darkness A recent remake and also Ash vs Evil Dead TV series, the franchise has never had a shaky entry.

The franchise’s darkly comedic horror movies and shows starred Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi and provided plenty of entertainment for fans and critics alike, and the series has never scored below 63%. Three of the five entries in the franchise have managed to score 95% or higher with critics, so it’s no surprise that another entry, Evil Dead RiseWill be released in 2023.

4/6 IT

Pennywise IT Jason Fuchs Brad Caleb Kane

IT is an iconic franchise, fueling nightmares for fans and critics alike and fueling a particularly strong hatred of clowns in society. While the series isn’t a particularly long-running franchise, the original 1990 miniseries starring Tim Curry as the iconic Pennywise and the two more recent entries with Bill SkarsgĂ„rd as the terrifying Joker have all been well received.

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Recently released IT: Chapter Two As well as the 1990 miniseries both scored in the 60% range for Rotten Tomatoes critics. Although it has not consistently managed big scores critically, the series has been well received by fans and has performed well at the box office. There are no current plans to revisit the franchise on the big screen at this time, but a prequel series about Pennywise is in development on HBO Max.

3/6 Gremlins

Strip in Gremlins

Another short-lived franchise that could be even longer, Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch It was well-received by both critics and fans, and it’s surprising that it took so long for a third entry in the franchise to be renewed.

The series is still alive and well, despite last releasing a new entry in the 1990s, with an HBO Max series and a threequel in development. About lovable creatures that turn into dangerous and playful monsters when fed after midnight, and the creation of a PG-13 certification for movies, the Gremlins The series isn’t the scariest franchise but has been consistently fun so far.

2/6 The Descent

Shauna McDonald in The Descent

British horror movie The Descent Notable as one of the most underrated horror movies with some of the most underrated characters. A sequel four years after the original turned it into a franchise, though it’s time to start considering it for a place among the best critically-received horror franchises.

Despite being a direct continuation of the first film’s story, about a group of female hikers spelunking into a cave system and discovering terrifying creatures within, the sequel was universally disliked by critics and currently sits at 51% on Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, there is still no word on any potential third entry in the franchise, which is surprising after the success of the first two films.

1/6 Ghostbusters

Bill Murray and The Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters remains one of the most popular comedic horror films of all time. The 1984 film pulled together some of the era’s best comedic talents, including Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykeroyd, and director Ivan Reitman to create a film that was a success on every level, including critically. While the sequel was less beloved, it still performed admirably and did well with critics, but the franchise was left alone after 27 years.

Over the past few years, female-led reboots of both franchises and reimagined sequels have all been released. Ghostbusters (2016) and Ghostbusters: Afterlife It has had varying degrees of success, but the franchise remains one of the entries particularly disliked by critics, with the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score. Ghostbusters 2 At 55%.

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