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Shoppers don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get the best deals. Many companies and brands are now offering holiday deals earlier, giving hunters a break from having to wake up early the day after Thanksgiving.

Lifestyle expert Josh McBride shares tips on how to get the best deals and where to get the most bang for your buck.

For the most sophisticated bargain hunters

Shoppers can compare prices from 12 million users who help vet deals online at

“It’s like checking out the actual Black Friday deals going on, really harnessing the power of the community,” says McBride.

Consumers can also set up offer notifications so they are notified when a particular product goes on sale.

For big-ticket items like televisions or appliances, the site can help shoppers save money, according to McBride.

For skin care enthusiasts

Skin care is a big category for stocking stuffers, according to McBride.

Clarins is offering early holiday deals. Starting next Tuesday, the luxury skincare brand is offering free shipping through November 29. During the period, shoppers can get a 15% discount on one product they buy online, a 20% discount on two products and a 25% discount on three or more products.

Among the various skin care products, McBride recommends Clarins’ V-Facial Intensive Wrap.

“It’s an award-winning inflatable mask,” explains McBride. “It’s a 10-minute solution to morning puffiness and swelling.

For the creative kid in your life

Clixo produces a multi-sensory, colorful toy for children aged 4 and over.

“It combines the art of origami with the power of magnetism,” explains McBride.

Buyers can already get a 20% discount on the company’s website. That discount rate will go up to 40% on Black Friday.

For tech-loving Butterfingers

OtterBox, known for its sturdy phone cases and screen protectors, will be offering 25% off all products listed on its website this Black Friday weekend.

For fashionistas on a budget

Burlington is already a popular store for bargain hunters, especially those looking to buy clothes or hosiery without breaking the bank.

McBride says the store offers a variety of items that can help you diversify your stocking stuffers.

“From makeup brushes to socks, slippers, cushions to mugs, it’s a one-stop shop for holiday deals.”

The company offers the Layaway program, which allows shoppers to buy now and pay later.

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