Hardin County Jail Report (by way of January 8) | Jobi Cool

The Hardin County Sheriff’s Workplace just lately launched the next data.
Silsbee (SPD), Lumberton (LPD), Kountze (KPD), and Bitter Lake (SLPD) police departments, in addition to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Division (HCSO), Texas Division of Public Security (DPS), and Texas Parks and Wildlife Division (TPWD), transport arrestees people to the Hardin County Jail.
Everybody talked about on this report is presumed harmless till confirmed responsible in a courtroom of regulation:

November 18th
Astrid Jones, Beaumont, evading arrest with automobile (Jasper Co.); $10,000 bond

19 November
Megan Haston, Silsbee, POM, below 2 ounces; possession of a harmful drug; lot of rohibited substance in a correctional facility, $55,000 bond

December eleventh
Jonathan Lester, Lumberton, DWI with baby below 15 in automobile; $2,500 bond
Michael Bray, Oklahoma, POM, lower than 2 ounces (DPS), $2,500 bond

December twelfth
Cody Brown, Saratoga, PCS< PG 2, 1-4 grams (SLPD), $5,000 bond
Evan Foux, Orange, evading arrest, failed drug check; POM, lower than 2 ounces; and two PCS quantities, PG 1/1B, lower than 1 gram and 1-4 grams (SPD); $11,250 guarantee
Matt LeBlanc, Beaumont, terroristic risk (HCSO); $50,000 bond
Victoria Mauldin, Silsbee, misuse of credit score or debit playing cards (SPD); $5,000 bond
David Ryals, Woodville, DWLI, prior conviction (Tyler Co.); $1,000 bond

December thirteenth
Tiffany Andrew, Beaumont, tampered with proof to prejudice justice and failed to acknowledge fugitive from justice with intent to offer false data (SPD); $22,500 bond
Vaughn Durham, Baytown, forgery (HCSO); $1,000 bond
Gary Ryan, Kountze, housebreaking of a constructing (HCSO); $5,000 bond

December 14th
Lexi Higgins, Lumberton, PCS, PG 2, lower than 1 gram (SLPD); $2,500 bond
Jamerson Wroten, Buna, failure to establish a fugitive, bail leaping and failure to look (HCSO); $5,000 bond
Richard Christopher, Beaumont, assault CBI (LPD); $1,500 bond
Tiffany Yannitell, Vidor, PCS, PG 1/1B, lower than 1 gram (HCSO); $10,000 bond

December fifteenth
Madelyn Guidry, Silsbee, interference with public duties (HCSO); $750 guarantee
Leslie Harris, Silsbee, aggravated assault with a lethal weapon (HCSO); $20,000 bond
Leslie Harris, housebreaking of a constructing and housebreaking of a habitation (HCSO); $10,000 bond

December sixteenth
Jasmine Reid, Silsbee, legal trespass (SPD); $750 guarantee

December 18th
James Ray, Kountze, PCS, PG 1/1B, lower than 1 gram (KPD); $5,000 bond
Vonzell Tarzan, Beaumont, DWI, tampering with proof with intent to distribute (LPD); $11,500 bond

December nineteenth
Lawrence Gordey, Kountze, abuse and indecency in sexual contact with youngsters (HCSO); $30,000 bond
Kevin Gallaway Jr. Buna, PCS, PG 1/1B, lower than 1 gram (HCSO), $20,000 bond
Chase Palmer, Silsbee, DWI (LPD); $750 guarantee

December twentieth
Jessica Apshire, Silsbee, POM, below 2 ounces (SPD); $1,500 bond
Austin Douglas, Silsbee, PCS, PG 1.1B, 1-4 grams and POM, lower than 2 ounces (SPD); $21,500 bond
Tiffany Franklin, Beaumont, housebreaking of a constructing, housebreaking of a automobile and legal trespass (HCSO); $26,500 bond
Haley Sykes, Lumberton, POM, below 2 ounces (SPD); $1,500 bond

December twenty second
Joshua Eason, Silsbee, housebreaking of a constructing and aggravated assault with a lethal weapon; $2,000 bond

December twenty seventh
Stephon Anderson, Woodville, DWI, third or extra (DPS), $5,000 bond
Javion Baltrip, Silsbee, PCS, PG 2, 4-400 grams; $25,000 bond

December twenty ninth
Garad Edenifield, Brookeland, PCS, PG 1/1-B, lower than one gram; $10,000 bond

December thirtieth
Antonio Coker, Milam, DWI (DPS); $750 guarantee
Jaiquis Lewis, Newton, POM, below 2 ounces (DPS): $3,500 bond
Dakota Phelps, Silsbee, reckless driving; $3,500 bond
Autumn Jones, Stowell, PCS, PG 1/1-B, lower than one gram; $5,000 bond
Candice Inman, Kirbyville, DWI, third or extra (DPS); $10,000 bond

December thirty first
Ratoshia Baird, Silsbee, PCS, PG 3, lower than 28 grams; PCS, PG 1/1B, 1-4 grams; $10,000 bond
Shant Kurumlian, Silsbee, DWI (DPS); $3,500 bond
Joel Tillman, Warren, Illegal Carrying of a Weapon and DWI (DPS); $8,500 bond

January 1st
David Lockhart, Spurger, legal trespass; $1,500 bond

January 2nd
Travis Horn, Beaumont, DWI (DPS); $5,000 bond

January third
Andrea Cararthers, Batson, theft of a firearm (HCSO), $10,000 bond

January fifth
Jessy Coleman, Silsbee, PCS, PG 2, 4-400 grams and POM, below 2 ounces; $77,500 guarantee

January sixth
Lorenzo Petry, Beaumont, POM, lower than 2 ounces and illegal carrying of a weapon; $2,000 bond
James Taylor Jr., Lumberton, harassment; $2,500 bond

January seventh
Tiffani Johnson, Lumberton, PCS, PG 2, 1-4 grams; $7,500 bond

January eighth
Tristen Tarver, Silsbee, DWLI with prior conviction/ban with out monetary accountability and reckless driving; $5,000 bond

Caption: Possession of Marijuana (POM), Managed Substance (PCS), Inflicting Bodily Damage (CBI), Penalty Group (PG), Unauthorized Operation of a Motor Automobile (UUMV), Failure to Seem (FTA), Violation of Obligation (VOB), Driving Whereas Intoxicated (DWI), driving whereas license invalid (DWLI) movement to revoke probation (MTRP), state jail felony (SJF), first diploma felony (F1), second diploma felony (F2), and third diploma felony (F3); Class A misdemeanor (MA), class B misdemeanor (MB) and sophistication C misdemeanor (MC).

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