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The Chronicles of Narnia franchise has been adapted by Netflix, and the streaming giant wants Academy Award nominee Greta Gerwig to direct.

Greta Gerwig is reportedly being eyed to direct two installments Netflixwho The Chronicles of Narnia Films after the streamer secured the rights to CS Lewis’ novels in 2018.

The Chronicles of Narnia Lewis’s classic seven-novel is the name given to his fantasy world, which he created at the same time his friend JRR Tolkien was adding Elvish verbs to his Middle-earth novels. Lewis’ works were purchased by Netflix with an eye toward their mega fantasy franchise.

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What’s On Netflix has released a new report that not only is Netflix moving forward with their acquisition, but they are also looking at Gerwig. Lady Bird and little women Director who has been working hard for her recently Barbie A movie based on Mattel dolls for Warner Bros. The Chronicles of Narnia franchise, no word on if the films will be adaptations of one book or more than one. The outlet also notes that Gerwig is “likely” to helm two on Netflix The Chronicles of Narnia It would be good to suggest to talk to the movie, movie producer.

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Netflix first announced their acquisition Narnia Right back in 2018. Shortly after, word dropped that Matthew Ulrich, one of the writers behind it cocoa and light years, will be their creative architect, overseeing the direction the franchise is headed. It’s like how Disney gave Andrew Adamson Shrek and Shrek 2 Inspection The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian.

The Chronicles of Narnia To date has seen two major attempts at adaptation: the fascinating BBC takeover from the late 1980s and the Disney films of the early 2000s. Lord of the Rings Brains trust Weta to help them come to life. Gerwig, who moved from her early career as an actor to directing, has been critically acclaimed for everything she has touched. His recently completed film (Pre Barbiewas another adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel little women, the perennial classic. The movie shows that he has the chops for smart adaptations, something Narnia Books will be required.

It makes sense for Netflix to enter the fantasy game as Disney currently has Star Wars and the willow And Warner Bros. Discovery still owns the rights Harry Potter, Game of Thronesand Lord of the Rings Franchises. There’s not a ton left to pick up after that, but Lewis’ beloved novels have the same global reach and pop culture cache that make them a good investment for anyone with an eye toward his blockbuster fantasy adventure series.

of Netflix The Chronicles of Narnia is in development.

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