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The classic saying, “Hisight 20/20” is usually uttered when reflecting on an important time in history that later shaped the world, characters can be “transported” to that place, triggered by something as irrelevant as a word or action. Take a look back at the important events we saw on screen.

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Sometimes, however, a movie or TV show begins with the protagonist already burdened with guilt or shame, and we get rid of an interesting backstory that could give their actions some much-needed context. Or, it could be as simple as time travel – a rare feat indeed. These shows and movies achieved the latter and time served them like good, old wine.

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‘Looper’ (2012)

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Does a time travel killer ever sound like a good thing? Of course, it does. The year is 2044 and “the youth” who (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is “Looper“The killer and his old self, the “old” who (Bruce Willis).

Looper It turns 10 years old this year, and it still stands as a completely unique and intuitive idea. The concept of disposing of the body in the past to conceal the future is an innovative one and immediately sets it apart from its contemporaries. Looper doesn’t hesitate to seek different outcomes and even try to modify the past for a better future.

‘Dark’ (2018)

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A German-Netflix time travel mind bender that is the dark It was truly ahead of its time. It arranged not one, not two, but three timelines, past, present and future, 22 years apart. When a child goes missing in the town of Windon, In the present, the investigation leads to mysteries and timelines that shake not only the city but the fabric of the world.

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the dark A show that doesn’t speak to its audience. In its three-season run, the dark Themes such as weight, mortality, failed parenting, religion, good versus evil, and questioning life choices are introduced. Or is it all default? All of these existential questions are wrapped around complex characters who all have interesting motives.

‘Yellow Jacket’ (2021)

Yellow Jackets-Season-2---Everything-We-Know-So Far-Featured

Yellow Jackets Follows an all-girl high school soccer team that ends up stranded on a mysterious island after a plane crash. Traditionally, in a survival mystery drama, the driving effect behind it that keeps the audience hooked is that the characters can overcome drastic new challenges and put aside their differences to escape.

with Yellow Jackets However, there is a 20-year time skip (which splits the show into two parts) observing the lives of the four survivors up to the present day, how they have adapted to the outside world, and how they still do the things they did 40 years ago. It haunts them and no matter how hard they try they can’t shake their past. Time Skip is an integral part of the heart Yellow jacket the story The show often uses a time-skipping narrative technique to either highlight or intensify an important story beat.

‘Dunkirk’ (2017)

Battle of Dunkirk
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of Christopher Nolan A sprawling war epic about a legendary war story, Dunkirk. It is a heartbreaking and realistic portrayal of soldiers stranded on the beach, pinned down by the Nazis, with no escape but for the sheer heart and determination of the human spirit.

Dunkirk Divides his time skip into three separate stories: the beach, the boat, and the plane, the soldiers and civilians who follow and in their heroic efforts they help rescue thousands and thousands of trapped soldiers. It helps break down the sheer incomparable effort that went into it, but it also effectively highlights the crushing nightmare these people faced on all sides, and the need to help each individual out of certain death.

‘Groundhog Day’ (1993)


Groundhog Day Time can be seen as a pioneer in the film genre. Groundhog Day is a day that goes back to the beginning, over and over again, that the movie became so popular Groundhog Day Now is an established word in the English dictionary, and describes a monotonous and boring cycle that is difficult to break. What is it Phil Connors (Bill died) is experienced repeatedly in the same day.

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People often say, “If we had the time again, I would do things. in Groundhog Day This statement is transformed on screen as we see Phil rejected at first try, but he quickly realizes that he needs to figure out what is missing in his life, so he can start moving forward instead of turning back over and over again. .

‘House of the Dragon’ (2022)

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The latest dramatization of George RR Martin A sprawling fantasy epic, Home of the Dragon Gives the viewer a glimpse inside The Targaryen dynasty before the battle for the Iron Throne Game of Thrones. But that’s not what I mean Home of the Dragon There are still family feuds, lust for power, murder, and of course, a few more dragons.

House of the Dragon was heavily debated as to whether a 16-year time skip would add to the show since the source material was so rich. Time Skips shows the simple effect of time – a person’s intentions can change as they grow older, parenting, love, and bereavement can all play different roles in forming new relationships and breaking old ones apart and breaking beyond repair.

‘Cloud Atlas’ (2012)

Cloud Atlas Tom Hanks 2012

The Wachowski brothers The sprawling epic spans multiple timelines and historical eras. It’s a film that’s often messy and often vague to the point of being pretentious, like most Wachowski projects post-matrixBut if you manage to look past these things you can find something unique and special.

Cloud map May be the greatest déjà vu movie ever made – actors play completely different characters in different eras. Tom HanksFor example, plays a doctor in the Pacific Islands in 1849 and a Scottish hotel manager in 1936 – a novel concept that polarized critics upon release.

‘Breaking Bad’ (2008)


cultural phenomenon of the early 2010s, Bad braking Don’t be afraid to play with convention; Shot techniques, flashbacks, and a lot of cold openings towards the Flash to tell the audience the theme of the episode they are going to explore.

Other examples of course include the excellent use of time skips in the final season, where we see a bearded Walter White throughout the season in a cold opening, leading up to the final episode where the mystery is finally revealed, a brilliant method to keep the audience engaged. Engage and invest. This is a series that has worked very well Vince Gilligan Will use it again in equally excellent Better call Saul.

‘The Americans’ (2013)


Set in the early 80s, in the childhood of Ronald Reagan’s Chairmanship. AmericansA political drama centered on two Soviet KGB officers, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and O (Rhys Matthews) posing as law-abiding American citizens in an attempt to infiltrate their government’s systems and bring national secrets back to Russia.

Naturally, leading a double life can be difficult at the best of times and at the end of the final season, Philip decides he’s done with the spy life. Elizabeth can’t do that though and the show deftly jumps three years to the beginning of last season. Where we see the two effectively pitted against each other as the KGB tries and intervenes. All the while, they must protect each other and their other, family lives – which makes for a truly compelling final season.

‘Lost’ (2008)

Lost - Ben

Yellow Jackets It’s a great show in its own right, but one could argue that the show wouldn’t have been born without it lost. Lost is about a group of plane crash survivors stranded on a strange island, full of mystery and danger.

lost was one of the first shows to incubate and give birth to the idea of ​​fan theories. Every week, a new question arose with many before it was still unanswered. A perfect example of this is in Season 5, Episode 6. “316” Where viewers thought they were watching a flashback episode. That is, at the end, a drunk Jack yells: “We gotta go baaaaack” and it’s revealed that we’re watching a flash-forward, completely reversing the audience’s expectations.

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