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Football/soccer (depending on where you are in the world) is feverish 2022 FIFA World Cup Sunny will launch in Qatar this month.

There has been much controversy surrounding this year’s games, with many claiming that human rights have been violated and that ungodly amounts of money are being poured into the event. Further controversy also unfolded this year as we saw FIFA and EA Sports part ways. FIFA 23 is the last title released by this somewhat dynamic duo after decades of collaboration.

Amidst the headlines, FIFA has gone ahead and Announced their own NFT themed game Releasing in celebration of the World Cup. We can imagine NFTs receiving mixed reviews from the get go, given the negative attention they received due to scams in the space.


Image Credit | FIFA

Many who follow the headlines will be aware that FIFA and EA have severed ties due to EA’s desire to move into Web3. This recent update is quite a head-scratcher as FIFA was initially against it.

“This is a very exciting group of partnerships that we have entered into as we embrace a new, digital-native football fan and engage with them in a space they are already active in,” said Romi Gai, FIFA’s chief business officer. .

Below we go into a little more detail on the 4 games.


Upland is the largest Metaverse experience where players can purchase virtual real estate. It is a real-world replica and has gained a following.

NFTs are a key element in this game, which has sold over 3 million to date. Upland has a total of 392,746 monthly active users.

As stated on the Upland site, the collaboration brings forth “legal collectibles, outdoor decorations, community-based challenges and amazing moments from all 32 national teams participating in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.”

As an honest review, This is not a great announcement. Given how popular the World Cup is and how much knowledge is required to participate in most real estate NFT games, we can’t see this taking a hit. Good job FIFA.


Their second World Cup project comes in conjunction with Phygtl. This is A fan engagement app that is available on mobile devices. Billions of people around the world own mobiles and the concept behind this game is more accessible.

You can vote for your favorite players and create communities with other users.

It’s nothing short of amazing gameplay-wise and we can’t see much longevity outside of the World Cup but it will be interesting to see how it goes.


Image Credit | FIFA

Altered State Machine – AI League

Now people are after it, a real football game. This is a real one 4v4 football mini game. Players play against AI controlled characters and test their teams as in-game managers.

The game is set in different locations around the world. Collect different cards and set up your team in the most strategic way to stay on top of the leaderboard.

You can level up your AI team to unlock new features and characters to advance in the game. There are 3 games on the list and it still looks like FIFA would have been better off sticking with EA.

Matchday Challenge

Our final match is the ‘Matchday Challenge’. This game allows users to guess the outcome of the game by including Gaming cardA popular feature of Web3 games as we have seen historically.

Battle with your friends to get the right score and climb the ranks. While sports betting is extremely popular, it has barriers of entry, including age restrictions and money. Suitable for children and young audiences, this game captures the traditional concepts of sports gambling and gaming in the process.

While nothing groundbreaking yet, this game is probably the best on the list. With a simple concept and interactive gameplay, at least give it a try if you and/or your loved ones plan to watch the World Cup this year.

overall, People did not expect this When they saw ‘World Cup Game’ in the news headlines. At least FIFA tried, however the integration of web3 technologies was probably not the best idea as there is still a level of knowledge required to properly engage with them. The level of knowledge is not that of an average person. However, if you’re optimistic and want to try something new, be sure to check it out regardless.

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