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The Fast and Furious Saga has come a long way from chronicling the adventures of a bunch of Los Angeles street racers. now quickly The films include epic globe-trotting adventures, spies, endless chases, and even cars in space.

And all that adds up to spectacle. According to a report in TheWrap, another Fast and Furious movie, Fast XIt will be the most expensive movie ever in the franchise — and, if their numbers are correct, one of the most expensive ever They say their sources peg the budget at $340 million “with knowledge of the production,” budget-busting elements: salary increases for series star Vin Diesel and the rest of the franchise’s cast, general increases in production costs. Global inflation and mandated by COVID-19 safety protocols. Due to fees for epidemic testing requirements.

Hollywood accounting is notoriously private and murky, so it’s hard to get official and definitive numbers for any movie, much less huge costs. But, at least according to some lists, will keep $ 340 million Fast X In the top five most expensive movies, only later Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the last three The Avengers Sequel: Age of Ultron, end gameand Eternal War. That would be mean Fast X Potentially each may cost more Star Wars Ever made, every Harry Potter Every James Bond movie ever made, plus Justice League, avatar, TitanicAnd like the infamous high price bomb John Carter and The Lone Ranger.

For comparison, the original Fast and the Furious A report from 2001 cost $38 million to make. Both Angry 7 and The Fate of the Furious While the most recent one is estimated to cost in the neighborhood of $250 million F9: Quick Saga clocked in at a relatively modest $200 million. Of course, each of the last five quickly The latter films have grossed upwards of $720 million in theaters, so this may not be as big an investment as it sounds.

Fast X It is scheduled to open in theaters on May 19, 2023. A sequel is expected to end the franchise in February 2024.

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